10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse (A Trickster) [July 2020]

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One of the most heartbreaking things in this world is when you find that your spouse is cheating on you as has been unfaithful to you in the journey of love. In this type of situation, you don’t understand what would be the next step you should go for and which is the right direction for you.

For sure, It’s a tough time for you and you might wrong thought in your mind related to uncertainty about your future with your spouse. Did your spouse have a weak moment or your love could not satisfy them in this relationship?

There would be thousands of questions that would be revolving in your mind at that time. That’s why talking deeply and openly with your partner is essential to understand & identify the root cause of this cheating and why it happened.

Best 10 Questions to Ask Your Unfaithful Spouse

You should always keep in mind that when you will start asking questions to your unfaithful spouse, they will already be afraid because they have been caught cheating.

So, it is advisable to keep yourself calm and cool-headed. Few cautions that you should take are given below:

  • Don’t try to make any threats to them or yourself.
  • Don’t make any kind of separation, breakups, divorce in the first few days before analyzing the whole situation.
  • Don’t think of getting into an affair and make them feel the way, they did to you.

Best 10 Questions to ask your Unfaithful Partner

Below are the best 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, when you have found that you have been cheated in your love relationship.

  • Will you answer all my questions with honesty?                              

Ans. This is the first question that you should ask your spouse because honesty is the key to any relationship.

If your spouse won’t give honest answers to your questions, then it might be more hurting for you to be in that relationship. You need to explain to them that, you want them to give honest answers to your questions and you only want to listen to the truth. Why this question is important?

It is essential to ask them if they wish to share the truth or not because honest answers to your questions would help you to give another chance to your relationship.

  • Why did you cheat on me?

Ans. There would be tons of questions to ask your unfaithful partner, but the most important question is “Why they chose to cheat”. Cheating in a relationship is never a mistake, it’s a choice.

If your spouse says that they were not happy in the relationship, then you need to know the reason behind it. It is possible that you were not able to give them emotional, sexual or maybe any other kind of support they might need. So, they might choose a path of cheating.

If your unfaithful spouse gives clear justification to this question, tell them you need time to come over the emotional trauma and then think of the future. You can’t accept the justification and forgive them for cheating on you just because they were honest.

  • Whatever you have done to me, do you feel guilty? 

Ans. The answer to this question will tell you whether your spouse has any regrets for whatever they have done to you. Why asking this question is important?

Out of all the 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, the answer to this question will tell you whether they chose to cheat on you intentionally or it was a weak moment that your relationship was facing.

If they say that they are guilty, tell them your feelings, whether you can give them another chance or not. On the other hand, if the unfaithful spouse does not have regrets and doesn’t feel guilty about their actions, you should move on and start a new journey.

  • Do you love that person?

Ans. When it comes to asking the 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse that would decide your future, this question is a major one. Why?

If your spouse is in love with someone else, then there is no point in being with them.

It would be difficult for you to live them if they have real feelings for someone else. If they answer that they don’t have feelings, then never give them an answer at that time. Tell them that you will think about it and let them know soon about your thoughts.

  • How could it go on so long, when you realized that it’s not right?

Ans. If your spouse has stretched a relation with another person for a long time then they may maintain any kind of contact with that third person. If your spouse keeps any contact with this person in the coming days, it would not be easy for both of you to forget all this.

This question is important not only to know why they were with that person for so long but also important to understand what was the thing that let them cheat inspite of knowing that it’s wrong.

Moreover, the answer to this question will also help you to know whether your unfaithful spouse will be in contact with that person in the future or not.

  • What was the thing that let you cheat on me, how was that person different than me?

Ans. Answer to this question out of all the 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, will be the most painful.

Answer to this would let you know, what was the thing that you missed by you and your partner chooses to cheat.

You need to convince them to tell you what was the missing thing because if you decide to live together in the future, you can work on that part.

  • For how long you have been cheating on me?

Ans. Out of 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question will decide your future. The answer to this let you know whether your partner has any regrets or not.

If they feel regret or have any guilt, the relation with any third person would never last so long.

But, if the answer to this question is “a long time”, you need to think of your future. On the contrary, if they say, it was a one-time mistake, you can think of forgiving them.

  • Did you think of me if I get to know about all this?

Ans. This is the important part out of the 10 questions to ask your Unfaithful Spouse. If your spouse feels sorry for being caught cheating, they are chances that, it can repeat.

If they are sorry for all that they did, you can accept their apologies and that tells them your decision.

You need to be very calm at that time as they would already be in a moment of afraid because of being caught.

  • Did you have sex with that person?

Ans. It is very important to ask this question not only for emotional balance but as well as for physical satisfaction.

If the sex was unprotected and your spouse has got suffered from any disease, you can even be in a danger zone.

If the partner has suffered from aids or any other disease because of unprotected disease that can harm you and your family also. Unprotected sex would always be a reminder of their cheating and being an unfaithful partner.

  • Do you feel, I should forgive you and we should start again?

Ans. When you think of what 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this question should be the last and most important question. Why this is important?

This question’s answer will give you a reason either to move on in life or to continue with them.

If they will be sorry, they would want you to forgive them. If they have decided to move on a different path, then it’s time to part ways.

Some other questions that could be asked the cheating partner could be as follows:

Whether you ever loved me?

Answer to this question will decide your future with him, whether he was cheating you from the beginning or not. As cheating is never a mistake, its a choice. If the answer to this question is “No”, then there is no point to talk further.

Did you tell her about our commitment?

You need to know that did the cheating spouse shared about your love commitment. If he did not, then this could not be named as loved. Tell him to confess the truth.


Given above are the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse. Whatever happens in any relationship, but unfaithfulness and cheating are difficult to handle for any spouse. In this type of situation, the best that you can do is control your feelings and come over your emotional trauma as soon as possible.

Most Importantly, you need to talk as much as possible to your partner to solve things and clear the bundle of misunderstandings.


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