35 Belated Birthday Wishes that would Surely help you to Get out of Trouble (July 2020)

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There is no way around it. someone who loved you forgot your birthday that can be depressed any individual, but someone who loves you does not allow for belated birthday wishes.

In today’s world, all are busy and don’t have time for whishing their loved ones. In any case, it is unavoidable life can disrupt the general flow, and we disregard our closest and dearest on their extraordinary day.

The busyness, home issues or any other reasons will not be understandable by the special person but if you send the boring and simple message it will be an awkward situation and this boring birthday wishes never work again you need to compensate for it by sending the great humor and in funny by self-deprecating, philosophical, sarcastic, absurd, facetious, mocking, witty you name it. Regardless of what your character, You can locate a clever message for any and each one to brighten them up.

I am sorry that you didn’t get my birthday card, I think your pet has eaten it so I am wishing you on text “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND”.

Happy birthday, my friend, I hope you enjoy a lot, but don’t think I forget your birthday I just took a lot of time in selecting your presence.

Life tosses lemons at you, so here’s an acrid and sorry one from me since I overlooked your birthday – Belated cheerful birthday to you.

Can I bribe you with this cake to forgive me for forgetting your birthday and wishing you a happy birthday.

Belated happy birthday my love and I am sorry for wishing you late, I missed you so much please forgive me.

I am sorry for wishing you late, life is all about forgiving so please forgive me and accept this wish “happy birthday”.

Would you be able to try and blow these candles on your cake, since you are very old? Hahaha! Upbeat birthday, companion!”

Sorry, I forget your birthday, I even missed my presentation at work please apologize me, and accept this wish.

Fill your lungs with air enough to blow the candles happy birthday.

Will you be able to blow the candles along else I will call the fire department to blow the candles.

Sorry friend I couldn’t wish you on your special day blames the time zone belated happy birthday.

Hello friend, I am sorry that I forget your special day please forgive me and red-schedule the party when I am free?

I overlooked your birthday, yet I won’t disclose to you the reason since it goes under arranged data. Overdue upbeat birthday.

Over time memories get worse I hope you will understand belated happy birthday.

Belated happy birthday friend, I am sorry for wishing you late you have a wonderful year ahead.

Another year passed and I still a fool once again I forget your birthday please be cool and forgive me this time too belated happy birthday.

Happy birthday friend I trust that candles don’t cost as much as the cake.

Celebrate your birthdays before your teeth are gone, belated happy birthday friend.

Another year passed and I still don’t have a gift for you, sorry and please forgive me a belated happy birthday.

Feel privileged that I am not there at your birthday party otherwise I wouldn’t devour all the cake, belated happy birthday.

I am sorry I forget your birthday I was stuck in many things but I love you the happiest birthday to you.

Wow, you seem to like same as we were in college and I hope you have a birthday blast belated happy birthday.

With age comes intelligence, and with birthday celebrations come cake. I am happy you have both! Tardy cheerful birthday!

You are a Rockstar and I am so late too wish a Rockstar so accept this wish happy birthday Rockstar.

Belated happy birthday I am sorry for wishing you late you know that you are the most special person in my life and don’t be mad at me because I am late.

Happy birthday friend, sorry for wishing you late if somebody calls you old, hit them with a cane, or better smile with your teeth.

Happy belated birthday sorry for the late wish and remember one thing smile when your teeth are intact.

I am sending this message with lots of sugar and honey so that your life will explode with love and happiness sorry I didn’t remember your birthday but you only understand me so please forgive me.

In these 24 hours be ready I will spam you with birthday wishes.

I am sorry that I forget your birthday but I miss you every day please forgive me and accept my wish happy belated birthday.

Hey, I am sorry for wishing you late but its same thing you got me so now we are even now! Happy belated birthday.

My wish is a bit late but it reached hahaha!!! Happy birthday.

I have two news 1 good news is that I am coming to your house so we can celebrate a birthday and bad news is I forget your birthday.

I lived so far from you but in my home, a big cake is cut for you happy birthday dear.

You think I am lazy and forget your birthday but I just want that the celebration should be little longer happy birthday dear.


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