Best Kiss Day Wishes, Greetings, Messages & Quotes (July 2020)

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Kiss day is celebrated on 12 February every year in Valentine’s week. Kissing is one of the most special and silent ways to express your love to your crush or your life partner. Kiss is a genuine and innermost feeling. And one of the best ways to get the romance back in your love life.

A kiss means when somebody’s lips press against yours. A kiss can express love, affection, respect, passion and most importantly making a relationship strong. Word kiss has been originated from the old English cyssan word “cuss”.

History of Kiss Day

Kisses are from the times of caveman. It is believed that mothers used to chew food and later transfer it to there babies in the form of kiss and from that time kisses are seen as love and caring between mothers and her children and later on between adults.

Also, another story related to kisses is that during the times when Romans empires were built promises were sealed by kisses and also later people started greeting each other with a kiss thus spreading love, affection, and passion all over the globe.

Wishes and Quotes for Kiss Day

Kiss day is the day when your actions and gestures will speak louder than words. But sending cute texts and wishes to your love partner will be cherry to the cake.

A tender kiss on the forehead can speak what words can’t express as you step into the dreamy world of love but if you use words along with a passionate kiss will do wonders.

Below mentioned are some of the best wishes and texts that will help you to express your feelings and love to your partner and will make them feel special.

1. I have a lot of gifts and surprises for you but the most special one is the kiss on your lips. Happy kiss day baby.

2. I still remember the moment I first kissed your lips. It felt so special, blessed and soothing. Happy kiss day.

3. Your lips are my natural sweetener. I love you so much baby and happy kiss day princess.

4. Kissing helps me to relive all our memories of the love we have made together. Come let’s create more memories today. Happy kiss day.

5. Sending you many virtual kisses my princess. I am sorry for not being with you on this special day. Happy kiss day baby.

Kissing helps to relieve stress, Makes face muscles strong, burn calories, lips never get dry. So keep kissing me. Happy kiss day baby!!

7. I hope my every day begins with your good morning kiss. Happy kiss day love. I love you so much!!

8. A day spent without kissing you is not worth it. It makes me feels sick. Love you baby and happy kiss day.

9. Kiss and grab me whenever you want my love I am all yours. Happy kiss day.

10. With every kiss, My love for you increases. I love you so much princess and Happy kiss day babe!!


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