Collection of Genuine and Motivational “Best of Luck for Exam” Wishes [July 2020]

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In a world full of catastrophes and sudden upheavals, the stress and anxiety levels are snowballing. Nevertheless, we cannot succumb to our obstacles, and our education must go on.

However, as everyone is not able to be with their loved ones during the nerve-wracking exams, a single word of motivation can be propelling beyond our imagination.

However, at times we fall short of words when wishing good luck for exams to someone and it is not wrong to seek inspiration from somewhere.

Keeping this in our minds, we bring you a heartwarming collection of propitious and awe-inspiring “all the best quotes for exams” for you to spread positivity through posts along with “all the best messages for exams” and “best wishes for an exam”, for you to cherish your near and dear ones.

All of them are written taking into account the novelty of your special bonds and experiences. Feel free to pick the flowers of your choice to send your “good luck wishes for the exam” to the ones special to you.


To wish the dear ones far away…

“You have been by my side each day and night. We have been through everything together, only to grow stronger and though I am not able to stand by your side physically while you are anxious about your exams, I wish you all the best wishes for your exams. Remember to believe in yourself as much as I do!”

“Though we are miles away, you are not unchaperoned. You have all my support and love to get through the pressure of scoring well in tomorrow’s exam. Eat well and sleep well. My best wishes for exams will always be there with you.”

When their self-esteem is low…

“It makes me proud to see you growing so much. If you could acknowledge yourself, you would realize what special gifts you have! Hoping that you recognize the true nature of your potential at the end of this endeavor, I am sending across good luck for the exam with lots of love and care.”

“No one is born perfect. Do not let your subtle imperfections be hurdles to your self-esteem. Look at your past achievements and start to believe in yourself. Use the past to gain insights and improvise. I wish you good luck on your test.”

“Make the sky your limit, and those books your best friends. Set your eyes on the goal and repeat that you can do it. Good luck with your exam.”

Want to express that you have faith in them? We got your back here…

“To be honest, you are the most efficacious person I know. You marvel everyone with your perseverance and have never disappointed us. Best of luck with the exam. Make us proud once again.”

“You have always worked inexorably to the make the cut in all exams and have stood undaunted against all the ferocious waves. I have placed my faith inside you, hoping that you will deliver your best once again. Good luck on exams!”

“Your assiduity and conscientiousness will help you sail through the storms. You are persistent and an unstoppable force so has faith in yourself. Best of luck for your exam.”


When you realize it is “final”…

“All the fights and the shared plights have bound us tight. The mischievous smirks and innocent smiles, made us travel through miles. With much love and care, I wish you good luck on your finals.”

“The memories we made would be cherished forever. We always stood against all those obstacles and grew so much together. I am sending around my good luck wishes for exams in the hope that we all transcend here as well to witness the dawn of the fresh lessons.”

Sending Positivity to Everyone…

“It is time to make all those lectures, and those hours spent in the library pay off! Make the best of all that is available and climb the ladder of success. Best of luck for exams, pals!”

“Times are hard, and so are you. Strive through the battles and champion your exams. Best of luck for the exams!”

“Never doubt yourself and avoid being condescending. Work hard, and you will get your fair share. Exams are just around the corner, so raise your spirits as you are one step closer to achieving success.”

“It’s the time of the year where all of us will have to burn the night oil. With the hard work of today will certainly make inroads into the realm of a bright and promising future. Prepare well for your exams.”


When you want to Express How Proud they make you… 

“I hope my good luck wishes for exams be helpful to you. Going to study abroad is your dream, and no one would be as happy as me to see you succeed, my son!”

“You have achieved so much so young and made your big sister proud. Mom and Dad must be smiling from the heavens, seeing you grow so mature and bright. Your exams are just around the corner, and you must be working hard as usual. I wish you the best of luck with your tests!”

“Being able to know you have made me so content and proud. I revere your dedication to your career so much. You have always succeeded to be on the crest of the wave. Keep it up and best of luck for the exams!”

Words of wisdom…

“Fear the exam, and it will consume your peace. Bear the exam, and it will rule you. Underestimate the exam and it will deprive you. Thrive the exam, and it will emancipate you!”


To that Big Procrastinator…

“It’s high time that you quit slacking and start learning. Break the shackles of laziness and venture towards your goal my friend. Else the endless loop of putting off for tomorrow shall trap you deeper and deeper. Good luck on your test.”

“I hope you start studying for your upcoming exam soon to avoid the last-minute hassles and spare us some later whining. It’s the right time and it will never come back. All the best for the exam my procrastinator friend.”

“The following week will bring another exhausting phase of hard work and dedication. Once it’s over, we will go to your favorite place, so study hard! Best of luck for the exams.”


The confused spirit…

“Swithering is not fallacious but becoming stagnant is. Follow your heart and explore yourself. I am sending you my best wishes for the exam.”

“I hope you are doing well and not stressing with your examination schedule. Remember, I am here to help you so you must not hesitate to ask for help. However, become your pole star. I wish that you sail through your exams.”

“Your confusion is rational but it is not an excuse to abandon yourself. Use the state of crisis to make a better version of yourself. Do not let irrationality and uncertainties cloud your bright future. You have the means to decide your fate so strike now to pass with flying colors.”

For the “Big Day”…

“All your life, you have longed to study at Oxford University. Tomorrow’s entrance can fulfill your dream, so make hay while the sun shines. All the best for the exam.”

“Tomorrow is the day of your most awaited entrance exam. Be calm and succulent while attempting. Most importantly, do not forget to make the most of your time. Best of luck for the exam.”

“It is time for the grueling months you spent to pass IELTS to pay off. Go and prove that you can achieve all everything you set your upon, my dear one. Good luck with your exam!”

The one who is an Over-Thinker…

“Get the ball rolling, and don’t throw the towel too soon. All your efforts will pay off when your dream becomes a realityGood luck with your exams!”

“I am sending my good luck wishes for your exam on Wednesday to you. Stop worrying about the fruits and walk down your path with honesty and dedication. Stay calm and maintain your focus.”

“Make your crisis your strength rather than your weakness. Do not let the uneasiness limit you from delivering your best. Bes focused and you will surpass yourself!”


The Fan of Dramas…

Do not miss the opportunity of exemplifying the Monica residing within you. Pull up your socks and strive to become number one. Best of luck for your exam.”

“To find the answers like ‘Sheldon Cooper’, you will have to pass the University entrance exam. My good wishes for the exam are always with you.”

Wishing the Mythology Addict…

“You can study so hard that even the great Minerva herself, comes to acknowledge you. So, borrow the wings of Hermes and fly through the realm of knowledge. Hope you receive blessings of good luck on test from Fortuna herself.”

“You have the potential to achieve great heights and come to be compared to the intellect of Coeus. Make the most of the opportunities to shine brighter than Theia since Kronos won’t be by your side forever.”

“May Tranquillitas bless you with the composure you need to study well. The upcoming weeks are decisive, so work hard and do not lose your mind. Best of luck for your exam.”

Want to wish while Consoling? Here we go…

“I understand that your grandfather meant a lot to you, and you miss him dearly. He always wanted the best for you and wished for your success. Do not let his death make you weak, for he was one of your strength until now.

His spirit would be so proud if you excel in the upcoming exams. Do not feel lonely since I am here for support. It is time to show how resilient you are. Good luck with your exams.”

“The untimely death sure took a toll on you mentally. It is dismaying that such a predicament has befallen upon you during the exams. Giving exams in such a state must be inexpressibly agonizing.

My best wishes for exams and prayers for your well-being are always with you. I hope the pressure makes a fine diamond out of you, one that is the brightest, and unbreakable. Go ahead and put your best foot forward throughout the examination.”

Since not all tests are Academic…

“Trust your motor skills. You have successfully honed your skills during the past months. The driving test is going to apiece of cake for you. Though you don’t need it, I wish you all the best on your test.”

“I can imagine the stress you are experiencing. Even though you have been a promising player thought your training, you must feel unaided since tomorrow’s test will decide whether you will play in the nationals or not. Do not let the nervousness get the better of you. I hope you deliver your best.”

“After fishes, you are possibly the most skilled swimmer. I sincerely believe that you will showcase your astonishing talent to the national team’s coach. Best of luck, champ!”



“You are a gem of incredible potential. Time and again, you have succeeded in leaving a mark everywhere, and this is another opportunity for you to shine radiantly. Discharge all the uncertainties to focus and remember, if you fail in the exam, you will always be able to fix it.

I will be by your side no matter what. Leave procrastination and all the fears aside to triumph your obstacles. I understand the pressure you are in, and I want to offer you my best wishes for the exam. May you perform the best of all and surpass yourself. Good luck!”


These were a few of the best wishes for exams along with good luck on your exam quotes and messages you can use to inspirit people in different situations. I hope these inspired you to spread some positivity.

Share a few on your social media and fill others’ thoughts with some positivity. Remember, not to make them feel more pressured and avoid using phrases such as but, at least, and sorry as they have a negative psychological impact.

Now, what are you waiting for? Your dear ones must be waiting for all your virtuous wishes for the exam. Go and pour some soothing “exam quotes good luck” into their apprehensive minds!


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