How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog? [July 2020]

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Getting a dog means an addition to the family. You get to have a new best friend that stays with you all the time.

Getting a dog means an addition to the family. You get to have a new best friend that stays with you all the time.

A dog is a best friend any person can get owing to their loyalty.

But your parents might not agree with you about getting a dog. The reason being that they are too concerned about the additional responsibility of the dog and thus fail to think beyond that. 

Here comes to need to convince your parents to get a dog.

The following listed are some of the ways that might be useful to you if you are planning to convince your parents to get a dog.

Do’s of how to convince your parents to get a dog

There are numerous breeds of dogs and the requirements change with the breed. Therefore, it is advisable to research on the various dog breeds and their requirements and maintenance.

You should be prepared with a plan beforehand that mentions feeding, taking the dog out for a walk, bathing, training, and grooming the dog. Your parents can see how responsible you have become and your seriousness in getting the dog.

In the case of adopting a dog, the expense will be much lower. But if you are considering owning a purebred from a dog breeder, then you ought to pay a hefty amount varying with the dog breed.

The fact that the fees paid at rescue centers are used in rescuing other dogs and maintaining them could also convince your parents to pay the amount. Another way of managing the expenses can be by opting for a part-time job. Some of the expenses can be managed through earnings from there.

Put forward the benefits of having a dog

It is very important for you to know and also explain to your parents the benefits of having a dog in the house. The following are some of the benefits of dog to convince your parents to get a dog:

  • A dog is a bundle of joy and happiness.
  • You become responsible and mature.
  • Owning a dog gives you a companion and best friend that stays with you.
  • Security is one of the most important benefits of owning a dog. It is a fact that dogs can hear sounds that humans can’t. Also, they prevent intruders and can warn us about them by barking.
  • Having a dog will make you spend less time on video games and mobile phones.
  • A morning or an evening walk becomes a habit.


Dont’s of how to convince your parents to get a Dog

  • Don’t throw tantrums if they so no

If you receive a no on asking your parents for the first time, then don’t throw tantrums. This behavior of yours will annoy parents. Instead, try understanding their point of view. Analyze the reasons they give and work upon them.

For instance, if the reason for them not agreeing is you being irresponsible, then you can prove them wrong by helping your mother with household chores or cleaning your room.


  • Don’t lie to your parents

When you will propose the idea of getting a dog to your parents, they will have several questions. They will be curious to know what you have decided on the breed and from where you will be getting the dog. The cost of the dog would also be another matter of concern.

It is advisable, to be honest while answering them. Lying will reduce the chances of your parents getting convinced. Even if you haven’t decided on some of the things, just accept it honestly in front of your parents. Be truthful to them.

  • Don’t get the dog against their wish

Getting a dog after getting a no from your parents behind them will annoy them to another level. So, it is advisable not to do it. This will only lead to disappointment which you don’t want.

Once you are clear with the dos and don’ts of how to convince your parents to get a dog, let’s discuss what all things you can say to your parents to convince them.

Things to say your parents to convince to get a dog

  • You just have to say yes and I’ll take all the responsibility-

One of the most common reasons for parents not agreeing is that they are not willing to take additional responsibility, maybe due to their busy lifestyle. Therefore, you ensuring them to take the entire responsibility may convince them.

  • He will provide us the security- 

Dogs can sense things and hear sounds more than humans. They can secure us from thieves and intruders and can warn us about them.

  • He will make me happy- 

 A dog can be your best friend. They are one of the most faithful creatures. Parents want you to be happy so this might convince them.

  • I will be more responsible- 

Parents want their kids to be responsible and mature. If you can convince them you will take their responsibility, it might get easy to convince them to get a dog.


  • It will be my birthday present-  

You can ask your parents to get you a dog as a birthday present instead of a usual lavish birthday party. This also depicts how serious you are about getting a dog.

  • Adopting a dog from a rescue shelter is more economical- 

Rescuing a dog from a shelter has two benefits. Firstly, it is a good deed. Secondly, it is more economical than getting a purebred from a dog breeder. This way you can save a lot of your parent’s money which will help you to convince them.

  • He will not let me feel lonely-  

Parents are generally worried in the case of a single child. A single child generally tends to feel lonely as they do not have anybody to make memories with. But getting a dog will fill that void.

  • He will complete our family- 

The idea of an ideal or perfect picture includes a dog. A dog will bring happiness to the entire family.


  • He will make us fit and healthy- 

Getting a dog out for a stroll daily will eventually make you fit. This will become a part of your daily routine. You will have something to play with.


  • We can choose the dog we want- 

The characteristics and traits of dogs change with their breed. You can choose as per your appeal. Some dogs are calm while others are aggressive. Accordingly, you can make your choice.

More things to say to your parents to convince them even if they say No

  • I won’t neglect my studies- 

One of the major reasons why parents disagree to get a dog is that the kid might get distracted from studies. You can assure your parents that you won’t neglect your studies and maintain good grades.

  • If I can take care of our neighbour’s dog, I can take care of ours as well- 

Most of the time, parents are not able to believe if you are really to take the responsibility of a dog. Hence, you can prove to them that you are responsible enough by taking care of your neighbor’s dog.

  • We can adopt a dog rather than a puppy- 

Adopting a puppy is a more responsible job than a dog. A pup needs to be trained but it will be less cumbersome to adopt a dog who is already trained and is obedient.

  • Everyone has a dog- 

Your parents don’t want to be the only one not owning a dog in the entire neighborhood. This is a major reason that can convince them to agree


  • We can arrange a dog house for him- 

Dogs do create a lot of mess with their hair that can annoy your parents. Hence, you can arrange a dog house for him in your garden.

  • By adopting a dog, we can rescue one of them- 

Dogs put in the shelters were rescued either from abuse or abandonment. Hence, you can gain your parent’s sympathy and convince them to get a dog.

  • I have saved my pocket money-

You can help your parents in managing the expenses by saving your pocket money. Fees of the vet, dog food, leash, and collar can at least be managed by you.

  • We can dog-sit for some days-

 You can opt for dog-sitting for a few days or weeks. In that period, you can show that you are responsible enough to take care of a dog. Also, your parents will fall in love with the idea of having a dog.

  • I deserve a dog-

Try breaking their myths associated with having a dog. Tell them that getting a dog is not bad. This might convince them.

  • Let’s discuss this later-

If your parents don’t agree, then don’t be rude to them. Don’t be a brat. Instead, respect their decision and act maturely. This will show how serious you are upon getting a dog. They might think over it again and change their mind.


Remember that you want to convince your parents. So talk to them patiently and act maturely. Don’t be disheartened if you get to hear a no in the first go. Approach them differently and try convincing them.



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