25 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh [July 2020]

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You may have wondered how the funny guys get so lucky to have the best girls. A guy who can bring the spirit of fun and laughter in a relationship are considered to maintain the spark in the relationship.

Girls like boys who can make the smile but love those who can make them laugh and giggle.

But if you lack the fun side, don’t worry because we have your back.

It is not always necessary to have a serious conversation with your girl. Try asking funny questions and make her laugh.

This article discusses keeping the spark in your relationship alive.


Do’s and Dont’s to be Taken Care while asking Funny Questions to a Girl

  1. While talking to the girl you like, don’t be nervous. There are chances that she might also like you so keep a perspective in your mind. Be confident and take the conversation smoothly. Try to be natural and avoid using cheesy pickup lines.
  2. You can start by talking about yourself and your accomplishments lately. Try to make her comfortable by talking on simple topics. Later you may ask for her number so that you can call or text her.
  3. Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriends. It may send a message that you are still not over your past breakup.
  4. If the conversation doesn’t go good and she becomes upset, then accept that she wasn’t meant for you and move on.


Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make her Laugh

1. “What is your biggest guilty pleasure?”

Once you feel that your girl is comfortable, ask her about what she is obsessed with. The answers may be hilarious and you may end up laughing your guts out.

2. “Did it hurt when you fell from the heaven?”

This question may seem to be silly but it will make her laugh for sure. Try this question.

3. “What is the weirdest thing you have eaten and liked?”

Ask her this question and she might end up sharing one of her experiences of eating something weird. This question guarantee laughs for both of you.


4. “If you are granted one magical power, what would it be?”

This question will tell you what she desires to do and how imaginative she is.

5. “What is the funniest and cheesy pickup line somebody used on you?”

This question will definitely make both of you laugh. Every girl has been tried some pickup lines that are very cheesy and funny.

6. Name one food item you can’t imagine your life without.”

She will answer this question instantly and you could know more about her.


7. “Which fictional character do you think resembles you the most?”

This question will lead you to discuss that character and also the book or movie that character belongs to.

8. “What is the most useless talent you have?”

This question will let you have a new piece of information about her.

9. “What is the most creative insult you have come up with?”

This will let you know how creative and imaginative your girl is.


10. “If you were invisible for a day, what would you like to do?”

She might come up with amazing answers that will make both of you laugh.

Funny Conversation Starters

1. “After surviving the great apocalypse, which city would you like to move to?”

Her response to this question will be amusing to both of you and will increase the fun quotient of your conversation.

2. “What do you think your dog thinks about you?”

This question will surely make her laugh and also will make her think about the response.

3. “What is the most stupid thing you have done to get the attention of your crush?”

This question can reveal a lot about her personality that to which level she can go to be noticed by the one she admires.

4. “Share the weirdest Wi-Fi name you have seen.”

Her response to this question will surely make both of you laugh.


5. “What is the funniest dare you have performed?”

Most of us have been given funny dares while hanging out with friends. But this question will tell you whether she is daring or not and also reveal her funny side. The response, thus, would guarantee fun and laughter.

6. “What is the funniest nickname you have been given?”

Everyone has a set of weird and funny nicknames given by our friends. Her responses will be funny for sure.

7. “Is that your typical beautiful smile or are you too happy to see me?”

This might sound a bit crazy but believe me, it works. She will surely laugh at hearing this.

8. “If your life was a movie, what would give the title?”

This question will make her think and will also reveal a lot about her personality.


Funny Questions with Compliments to Ask a Girl

  1. “Are you a florist because you smell too good?”

Every girl likes compliments and prefer boys who notice even the minute details about them.

2. “Which celebrity do you think will make a good pair with you?”

Every girl desires and admires a celebrity. Ask her about her celebrity crush.


Interesting yet Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

1. “How old were you when you realized that Santa Claus is imaginary?”

Everybody believes in Santa Claus until a certain age. You might get a hilarious response from her.

2. “If you get arrested, what would be the crime?”

This question will give you an insight of her dark side and the responses would be funny as well to make both of you laugh.


3. “Which sound can you absolutely not resist dancing whenever you hear it?”

Ask her the song she cannot resist dancing to and she will share it with you.

4. “If you are asked to describe yourself in 3 words, then what would be those words?”

This question will make her think and also you would get to know her better. Her response will also reveal what she feels about herself.

5. “Why does pizza come in a square box?”

This is a stupid yet funny question to ask that will leave her guessing.



Try to make the girl feel comfortable. Don’t ask too many questions that it may appear that she is being interviewed. Avoid asking questions that are too personal.

If you are nervous or shy, you may use the above 25 funny questions to ask a girl that will make her laugh. They will make the conversation light-hearted and you will become relaxed and confident.

The above listed are the 25 interesting and funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh.

In case there are still any doubts or an issue on funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh, please do let us know in the section below.


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