70 Encouraging ‘Get Well Soon’ Messages [July 2020]

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A heartfelt and encouraging ‘Get Well Soon’ message to your lover, friend, or family member has the magical ability to uplift their mood in a critical moment of their lives. It can aid in the recovery process.

You can bring a smile on their faces with a message from your end. All you need to know is how to use the words appropriately.

A ‘get well soon’ message can bring them comfort in their mind and peace in their soul. It also assures them you are there with them in their weak moment. Make your presence felt by sending them an encouraging ‘get well soon’ message.

If you wonder what to message them, then we have compiled some of the best encouraging ‘get well soon’ messages from families and friends.

Encouraging ‘Get Well Soon Messages’ for People who are not Well

  • “(Name), get well soon. We miss playing board games with you. It is no fun playing board games without you.”
  • “Hey (Name), we miss the food cooked by you so please get well soon and treat us with good food.”
  • “Wish you a fast recovery and hope to see you soon. Get well soon, (Name).”
  • “All the family members and friends around you are your strength. Use all the love being poured upon you and heal fast.”
  • “We hope you get better really soon because we miss you.”
  • “This fever can’t make you weak because of you very strong and I am sure that you will recover in no time. Get well soon, buddy.”


  • “I am missing my bench partner in the school. Get well soon.”
  • “Hey don’t forget my 18th birthday the next week. So you have to recover before that. Get well soon.”
  • “I wish and pray to God that you get well soon and return to work soon. Miss you, buddy.”
  • “You lying in the hospital bed made me realize how much I need you to keep myself sane. Nothing seems right without. Get well soon.”
  • “I feel so sorry to hear about your sickness but I am sure you are strong enough to fight it. Everything will be fine.”
  • “It has only been a couple of days since you are admitted to the hospital but it seems like ages. Be back soon in full energy.
  • “I pray to God to give you energy and strength for the fastest recovery. Sending you hugs and kisses.”
  • “Seeing you lying on the hospital bed, I wish I had magical powers to take all your pain away. Get well soon, buddy. I miss you badly.”
  • “We have always made fun of your sense of humor but today, when you are not here, we miss your jokes. Get well soon.”


  • College seems to be so boring in your absence. It was your presence that made college a happy experience. Get well soon and come back.”
  • “I have not known a person stronger than you in my life. You will soon be fine. Just be patient and hopeful. We all are there with you on this.”
  • “I have never seen you so dull and low. Sending you all the love and best wishes for fast recovery.”
  • “Your absence by my side makes me feel as if I am partying without beer. I need you, buddy. Get well soon.”
  • “I hope you get well soon. I am counting days until you get back to school.”


Encouraging ‘Get Well Soon’ Messages for People Who are Injured

  • Sunshine is missing from my world when you are not there. So, recover speedily from your injury.”
  • “Everything at the office seems so boring without you. Please recover fast for us and be back soon. We miss you.”
  • “Your absence has made me so lethargic. I have lost interest in everything. Please be back soon. Get well soon, buddy.”
  • “I hope each new day brings you closer to recovery from your injury. Sending all my love.”

  • “The news of you getting your knee fractured was very saddening for me. I wish you all the strength for recovery. Get well soon, brother.”
  • “Don’t lose heart. You will soon recover from this injury and resume your schedule. We all are there for you.”
  • “I know that it is not easy to deal with situations like these but I am sure we can overcome this together. I am always there with you. Get well soon.”
  • “We all can’t just wait to have you back in the school. I hope you recover rapidly from your injury. Get well soon.”
  • “I know these flowers are not the cure to your injury but these will surely make you feel good. Wish you a fast recovery.”
  • “It is so upsetting that a person like you who owns such a pure heart is suffering so much. All I wish is a fast recovery for you. Get well soon.”
  • “Hey (Name), I am sending some of your favorite comics so that you can distract yourself from the injury. Get well soon, friend.”
  • “We all are eagerly waiting for you to be back with full energy. So please get well soon.”
  • “I am so habitual of having you with me all the time. Without you, I feel so lonely. Please get well soon.”
  • “Everybody in the school keeps on asking about your injury. We all are missing you. So please recover fast.”
  • “Obey whatever the precautions the doctors have asked and take your medicines on time. Meanwhile, we all are there with you showering all our love and care on you.”


  • “I have nobody to trouble at home and that makes me feel lonely. Recover fast and come home soon, brother.”
  • “Hey (Name), I am sending you all my positive and healing thoughts. I pray that you recover from this injury superfast.”
  • “Everything happens as per the Almighty’s planning. He shall give you the strength to endure the pain too. Just keep the faith.”
  • “I am eagerly waiting to see you healthier and stronger like the old days. Please get well soon.”
  • Don’t lose your heart. You will recover from this injury very soon. Keep faith in God.”

Encouraging ‘Get Well Soon’ Messages For People Who Have Recovered From an Injury

  •  “Hey (Name), I knew that you would recover soon. Congratulations, buddy.”
  • “Hey (Name), congratulations on your recovery. Don’t stress yourself much. Take everything a bit slow and you will be back with full energy soon.”
  • “I am so glad that you have recovered from the injury. Your presence makes the world a better place to live in.”
  • “Dear (Name), thank God you are back from the hospital. This house was so different in your absence.”
  • “Your zeal to recover as soon as possible has amazed all of us and we are so proud to see your progress. It is just a matter of a few days more and you will fit and fine like always.”


  • “The entire house was dull and lacked energy while you were in the hospital. Glad that you are back.”
  • “I heard that you recovering from the surgery well. Take your medicines on time and you will be completely fine very soon.”
  • “You can’t even imagine what it felt like going to school without you for all these days. But I am so happy that you will finally be going to school with me.”
  • “You can’t even imagine what it felt like going to school without you for all these days. But I am so happy that you will finally be going to school with me.”
  • “Welcome back! We all are so happy to see you back in the office. We all missed you so much.”
  • “Hey (Name), you know I missed so many swimming sessions while you were recovering from the injury. Now we both can go for the sessions together just like old days.”
  • “We have missed your cakes and pastries. Hope we get to have some as soon as you get back to your routine.”
  • Your absence made me realize how much I need you for everything. Glad that you are back, friend.”
  • “I was always confident that you will recover swiftly and in no time. Congratulations.”
  • “I hope that with every new day, you regain all your strength and get back to your daily routine.”
  • “I know it was a challenging phase of your life but the way you passed through it is inspiring for all of us. We are so proud of you.”
  • “I am amazed by the courage and patience you have. Warm wishes for your complete recovery.”
  • “You were badly missed, (Name). I know it will take some time for you to cover what all you have missed in the past few months. But remember I am there for your aid.”
  • “I was sure that you will recover soon but remember that you don’t get to injure yourself again. I can’t see my best friend laying in the hospital bed again.”
  • “Hey, (pet’s name) was missing you so much. He wasn’t eating well while you were in the hospital recovering from your injury. See how happy he is to have his favorite person back before him.”


  • “Though you have recovered from the injury, it is necessary to stay healthy. Do not strain yourself. And remember that we all are there with you.”
  • “Take plenty of rest and don’t rush to get back to work. Take good care of yourself. I am so happy to see you back fit and healthy.”
  • “Our prayers and your will to recover soon have made it. I am so glad that finally, you can come home with us.”
  • “Stay positive and faithful in the post-recovery phase. You have a lot to catch up but be patient. Take things slowly.”
  • “I know you missed being at the school and the recovery process was not at all easy for you. If you want to share anything, remember that I am a good listener.”
  • “My life became so dull without your stupid jokes. I missed you so much. So happy to have you back.
  • “We all were feeling so low without your soulful presence. Glad that you are back.”
  • “The news of your injury hit me hard. I missed you so much in the office in the past few weeks. Congratulations on your speedy recovery. I just can’t wait to have you back.”
  • “Life at home had been less happy since you were laying in the hospital bed. But I am glad that now everything will be like older days since you are back.”



Whenever our loved one gets injured or is ill, our natural reaction is to want them to get well soon. It is not easy to see someone you care about suffer. So it is necessary to make them believe that you are there with them in their difficult times.

Choose words that are comforting to convey your warm wishes to them.

The above listed are the 70 best encouraging ‘Get Well Soon’ messages from families or friends to someone who is injured or has just recovered from an injury or illness.

In case there are still any doubts or an issue on encouraging get well soon messages, please do let us know in the section below.


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