88+ Good Morning Messages for your Love [July 2020]

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Love is precious and expressing your feelings to your loved ones is always necessary. Send your beloved some thoughts of love.

An alluring good morning wishes from their sweethearts that could put a smile on their faces is what women dream of. Nothing could be a better start of the day than to wake up with a good morning thought from a beloved person.

Never miss an opportunity to put a smile on her face, and to make her realize how special she is to you. Let her know how often you think about her and present her a beautiful morning every day.

Send her some pleasant morning thoughts that keep her drenched in your love throughout the day. Make her realize how you can make her morning pleasant and how lucky she is to have you in her life.


A quote from a movie, an excerpt from her favorite song, or even a self-composed verse can make her day. She will adore it as long as it is lovey-dovey.

Though we completely understand that it is always not easy to come up with new messages every morning, especially when you are in haste. Here are a few good morning messages that you can send her, which she would reminisce throughout the day.

Foody Good Morning Messages for Your Girl Friend

1. “Your kiss is more refreshing than a cup of hot coffee. Good morning honey.”

2. “My morning starts with green tea and apple which reminds me of the apple of my life.
warm wishes rosy cheeks.”

3. “Coffee is the second thing I prefer when I wake up, your thoughts are the first. I pour some memories of ours in that coffee, that makes is sweeter than sugar. Good morning my honey Bunny.

4. You are the sweetener in my desert, no wonder I’ll be a diabetic soon. Good morning sweety.

5. “My morning breakfast reminds me of you, you are the honey to my pancakes, the cream to my cupcakes, and the Choco chips to my muffins. I wish you a very good morning sweetheart.

6. “You are the masala to my boring oats; you always spice up my life. Good morning baby.”

7. “You are like a sip of hot chocolate; you drain out all lethargy and bring good vibes. Good morning my shining star.”

8. “I tried baking cake this morning, it looked blunt. Would you mind being the chocolate toppings? Morning wishes Coco

9. “I heard mangoes taste heavenly? I mean they are great but you are much more compelling. Good morning honey

10. “You are addictive like the creamy fills in my chocolate pie, beautiful like the white snowy garnish in my cake. I can’t even eat without thinking of you. No wonder I am addicted. Very good morning my muffins.”

Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Girl Friend

11. “I hate my alarm the most, it never lets me kiss you. In my dreams of course.”

12. “No this is enough. I can’t take this anymore. Your thoughts never let me concentrate on my work. Why are you so pretty? Good morning my goddess.”

13. “A morning in vain if I don’t wake up to your kisses. Good morning babe. Now kiss me and make my day.”

14. “I heard the chirping of birds this morning, I put my headphones on instead and started listening to your voice messages. Who’d love to hear the chirpings when you have a Nightingale in your life. A very good morning sweetheart.”

15. “Babe you need not go to the gym, you’ll burn a lot of calories as you always keep running around in my head. Watch your steps and don’t trip and fall in my love. Good morning honey bunny.”

16. “Last night my boys planned for a party, but I didn’t show up cause kissing you in my dreams is more addictive than beers. Now that I have got a hangover, kiss me and help me be sober. Morning wises dream girl.”

17.  “I was looking at my niece painting a portrait. The colors reminded me of how colorful you made my life. Good morning my princess.”

18. “My alarm woke me up this morning when I was dreaming of cuddling with you. So I snoozed the alarm and went off to sleep cause cuddling is more important. Now send me kisses or else I will end up dreaming of you all-day.”

19. “I woke up late and I need to run for work. But wait, I have you and I don’t need any work. I am going back to sleep so that I could just dream a bit more of you before all my dreams come true. Good morning honey.”

20. “I started consuming less sugar as your presence already made my life sweeter than it was and I don’t want to end up being a diabetic. Though I don’t mind being a diabetic of your love. Warm morning wishes to my Choco muffin.” 

Sweet Romantic Good Morning Messages for Your Girl Friend

21. “You keep running in my mind all day, I keep dreaming of you all night. Your presence is the only way, that makes my life even more bright. Warm wishes morning glory”

22. “In the break of dawn, scintillating rays kissing my lawn, a sip of coffee amidst the golden hues, I want a moment of love, my arms around you. Good Morning honey.”

23. “Beware, my love. The weather forecast says that your morning would begin with a heavy downpour of kisses, a rainbow of cuddles, and a golden hue of warm hugs. Be prepared.”


24. “My mornings would only be beautiful if I had you in my arms, and my day would begin with forehead kisses. I wish that happened soon. Good morning my lady.”

25. “Amidst the morning blossoms of spring, the warmth of love and life they bring, you stand their shining brighter than the brightest, filling my life with colors, enthusiasm, and zest. Warm wishes my morning star”.

26. “Seeing you smile and love me makes every morning special and worthy of waking up to. I can’t envisage a day without thinking about you. Good morning my warm sunshine.”

27. “My day ends with your dreams and starts with your thoughts. In between, I keep thinking about us. Now it is unbearable to stay apart. Morning wishes my bun.

28. “You are like the beaming sunshine of my day, the dazzling moon of my night, and the sparkling stars of my dreams. You are brighter than the brightest and I can’t keep away from your thoughts. Send me a kiss and wake me up from the magical delusions of your love.”

29. “I can’t imagine my life without you, I wish you were here and “we never bade adieu” But that you are far away and I miss you, send me some love and pull me out of the blue. Good morning sweety.”

30. “Good morning baby. I wish you a day full of ecstasy, warmth, and pleasures.”

31. “good morning peaches. Sending you a bouquet full of roses swaddled in hugs, kisses, and cuddles.”

32. “I am sleepy all day. Send me some love that would make me stay refreshed in your thoughts.”

33. “With the break of dawn, my only prayers are to have you by my side every time I wake up. Good morning honey.”

34. “You are more gleaming than the garden full of roses. To have you in my life, it seems I have conquered all the happiness of the world.”

35. “I love you, sweetheart. Sending you warm hugs and loads of kisses. May your day be bright as you are.”

36. “It is already dawn and I can’t get out of the crapulence of your love. I guess I drank the wine of your love way too much and only a kiss from you can help me get out of it. Please send some kisses babe.”

37. “You stole my heart, and now every beat screams your name. Hug me and mollify my heart. Good morning precious.”

38. “I am drowning in your whimsy; your winsome smile makes me inundate in your love. There’s no way back. Don’t ever pull me out of your magical love. Honey, I love you.”

39. “If you ever delve deep into my heart, all you would find is my love for you, wrapped in my wishes to hug you, kiss you and have you in my life. Be mine forever, honey.”

40. “Whatever I come across today, it is great to know that I would always have you in my corners leading me to the right. Please stay by me forever. I can’t afford to lose you.”

41. “You are like a snowball. Hugging is the best feeling I have ever had and I want to hug you every morning for the rest of my life.”

42. “Nothing could start my day better than a kiss. Send me one or I will end up in my bed the whole day.”

43. “All mornings are worthy of waking only because I have you with me. A day without you means a day wasted.”

44. “If you ever feel tired of running in my mind, make sure you grab the royal seat made exquisitely for you.”

45. “You are the drop of water I yearn for in sultry noon. You appease my heart and give me a reason to live.  I love you loads from the core of my heart.”

46. “An evening in monsoon, a sip of hot chocolate sitting by the windows and my arms around you- I can’t think of anything more perfect than this. Be with me and let’s make every dream come true together. Good morning my Choco-chips.”

47. “Mornings couldn’t have been better without your hugs. I am yearning for that now. Good morning my gobble wobble.”

48. “I was shivering out of the cold when I woke up and chills ran down my spine, but your thoughts warmed me up. I wonder how much warmth is there in your love when just your thought comforted me so much. A warm good morning darling.”

49. “I keep drowning in the oceans of your eyes, I would love to know where it leads me to. Wake up my little princess so that I can dive into your eyes once more.”


50. “The best kind of dream is to have you beside me, cuddling and kissing me and nothing could be better than that. Good morning my cherry.”

51. “What is life without your smile? What is more painful than asking you to stay for a while Before you leave and we bid adieu, Just remember I love you. wake up little hearts, my ears are eager to listen to your morning wishes.”

52. “The moment I think about you, I keep grinning ear to ear. Now I guess you understand why you can see my teeth always?”

53. “Your smile makes my day and I can’t think of a better start of my day than to receive your smiles. Will you send me a box full of affection, love, and smile every morning, even though it is not my birthday?”

54. “I slept last night loving you and I started the day loving you more. Good morning buttercup.”

55. ”In my dreams, you’ve been running all day, I have been seeing you all my way, But it’s hard to get you. Hey, miss, you caught my heart, Hey, miss, I am trying hard, And I will get you one day.”

56. “Your alluring smile what I long for after a hectic day, I open my eyes dreaming of your hugs and I go to sleep praying to have you in my arms. If this is not called love then what is? Good morning lady love.”

57. “Good morning sweetheart. Keep thinking of me the whole day.”

58. “The strings of my guitar keep calling your name, my microphone yearns for your voice, and I long to hear you sing my favorite number. Darling, it’s hard to live without you. Good morning my Nightingale.”

59. “I have been suffering from a very serious illness and the doctor said the only medicine to this is three kisses from you every morning and night. You kiss me or I die.”

Lovers-are-best60. “I have informed my friends to stay ready cause the most beautiful lady is going to smile seeing this and I might die seeing her smile.”

61. ”I know we keep talking over call throughout but that still doesn’t feed my need to see you in person. Good morning my queen, I hope we meet soon.”

62. “It’s not even 24 hours since we met but it feels like years. Hope we catch up soon. Good morning.”

63. “I poured some love in your coffee, I hope it tastes better than the usual. Good morning my cupcake.”

64. “Good morning pretty lady. I hope you have a great day ahead. Don’t think of me much and concentrate on your work.”

65. “We talked over call before I slept, I dream of you the whole night and its dawn and I want you. Why are you so moreish?”

66. “Good morning to the Princess who has imprisoned my heart. I hope you have an awesome day ahead and join me for dinner after work.”

67. “Are you a dream catcher? Cause I have been dreaming only about you these days. Warm wishes dream girl.”

68. “I close my eyes and think of you, ‘the night we met’ and how we held hands. I can’t dream, I can’t sleep, I can’t live without you. ‘Everything means nothing if I can’t have you’. And as I try to sleep your thoughts kisses my forehead gently and ‘the memories bring back you’. Good morning baby.”

69. “All my lyrics have your name; the strums of the guitar echo your name. How can I stop thinking of you? Good morning to the tune of music, to the lyrics of my song, and the queen of my life.”


Sweet Romantic Morning Messages for Your Wife

70. “Sorry Honey couldn’t see you before I left. A very good morning. I hope you have a wonderful day. I will catch you up at dinner. Love you sweetheart.”

71. “Every time I see you sleeping, I feel like you are purer than the white snow. Good morning Snow white.”

72. “Good morning sweetheart. Left in a hurry so I couldn’t wish you morning. Have a great day ahead, and I have a surprise planned for you this evening. Be prepared.”

73. “Good morning darling. Office hours seem so long and I can’t wait to get back to you for dinner. Have a nice day honey.”

75. “Good morning honey. I had to leave because I had a presentation early morning. Now I r4alize I am going to have a bad day cause a day without your smile is always awful. But I promise to return early tonight. Love you

76.” Hello darling. You don’t know how much I miss you when you move out of the station for work. I just miss us. Good morning. Sending you loads of virtual hugs and kisses. See you soon “

78. “Wake up my queen. A very good morning. Breakfast ready at the table, hope you like that. Love you.”

79. “Sultry morning and the honks of vehicles. Nothing seems good except for the thought of returning to you for dinner. Good morning wifey. Already missing you.”

80. “Good morning sweetheart. I have an amazing plan for today’s date. Get ready by 7:00 pm, I’ll pick you up. Wear that red dress please.”81. “Morning without seeing your smile is just so faded and colorless. I can’t imagine staying away from you for a week. Come back soon honey. I miss you. Good morning my angel. Virtual hugs to you.”

82. “Another new dawn and another new start. Feel so blessed to have you with me on another day. Very good morning my shining star. I love you.”


83. “I woke up this morning and found a star beside me. It was brighter than the morning star radiating its beauty and glaze. As I went near, I found that it was you. No wonder why my life is so brighter than before. Warm wishes baby.”

84. “Good morning baby. Have a wonderful day ahead. Meet you at dinner. Miss me till then. Loads of love.”

85. “Hey, sweetheart. I was in such a haste that I forgot to give your good morning kiss. Tell me how I can make up to that?”86. “Good morning baby. Have a nice day. How about a dinner date tonight? Let me know so that I can make the pre-reservations. Love you loads.”87. “Its never a good start with a morning kiss. I can’t wait to get back from work. Good morning sweetie.”

86. “Wake up honey and send me a kiss or I would keep thinking about you and not be able to work. I love you bunny.”

87. “Nothing but your kisses can propitiate my restless mind in the morning. Could you send me some now?”

88. “Send me hugs and pull me out of this office blues. I miss you so much, honey.”


A small gesture of love and care can help you win your woman’s heart. The old custom of sending warm morning wishes cuts across everyone’s heart and leaves an impact.

It is not very hard to throw a cupid’s arrow. All you need is just to have a good aim and an arrow of love and affection. Women want nothing more than that. Everyone would love to start their day knowing that someone is thinking of them all day and showing affection. Women love attention.

So, a warm morning thought is perfect to add some spices in your relationship. Get going love birds.


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