15 Ways to Friendzone a Guy without any trouble [July 2020]

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You might face a lot of unwanted attention from guys you are not interested in you. You don’t want to be rude to them but try to ignore them.

You may friendzone the person in a pleasant way wherein you don’t sound rude.

Friend zoning is generally considered as a rude gesture. But, at times, it is better to friendzone a person rather be in a relationship you don’t want to be.

A clear ‘NO’ might sound rude and mess up things, so you must know ways to face the situation.

Below are the best possible 15 ways to friendzone a guy that you must know to deal with such situations in the future.

1. “I don’t like holding hands.”

Make the other person knows about your likes and dislikes. If you don’t see the other person more than just a friend, then avoid too much physical contact. It is quite normal for friends to hug or hold hands when you are happy. But kissing, holding hands casually or any other form of casual physical contact might give false hopes to him. So, you must be true to yourself. Don’t give him hints that you have any feelings for him.

2. “I really can’t make up this time; I am preoccupied with some important work.”

Don’t accept every invitation to hang out with that person. Don’t show your willingness to spend time with him. This might sound rude but then the other person may assume that you like spending time with him if you start accepting every invite. Learn to reject his offers and tell him that you have certain prior commitments or are busy.

3. “I am sorry I can’t rearrange my schedule. It will mess up all my work.”

Don’t rearrange your schedule as per the other person. He might see this the other way round. He will assume that you have feelings for him and love spending time with him. Don’t prioritize him and mend your work as per him.


4. “I don’t think I will be comfortable with your friends.”

Avoid situations wherein he wants you to gel up with his cousins or friends. Do not involve in personal relations with him. Involving yourself in his closed group might give him a signal that you are interested in knowing him better.

5. “Why do you want me to meet your parents?”

Friends don’t generally make you meet their parents until and unless you are together. To avoid such situations. Rather ask him the reason why he wants you to meet his parents. This will clear all the doubts surfacing in his mind.

6. “I don’t prefer wearing make up for casual meet-ups with my friends.” 

This might sound a bit weird to girls who love getting ready even for a casual meeting. But try to put the least efforts while meeting him. Putting in extra effort in getting ready might show him that you have some feelings for him. If you want to maintain a casual friendship with him, then don’t try gathering his attention.


7. “I don’t need to dress up when we need to hang out.”

Guys generally expect you to dress up for them. They believe that if a girl is putting in extra effort for you, then she has feelings for him. So, try making it pretty clear to him by stating that you won’t dress up while hanging out with him. This will deliver your message to him. This way you can friendzone a guy.

8. “I see my brother in you.”

One of the best ways to friendzone a guy is by comparing him to your brother. Telling him this will automatically indicate that you don’t find him attractive and have any sexual feelings for him. So, he will immediately back off if he holds any interest in you.

9. “I just hate Paul. How dare he just approach me like that?”

Tell him how much you hate when a friend of your approaches you or shows interest in you. This will lead him to take a step backward. He might just drop the idea of confessing his feeling for you.


10. “I never want our friendship to end. We will remain friends forever.” 

At times, the boy might think that the next step of friendship is getting together as a couple. To avoid this, remember to constantly remind him how your friendship with him is important to you. Always remind him that you are blessed to have him as your good friend. This will send him the message that you only see him as your good friend. This is one of the best ways of how to friendzone a guy.

11. “You and (other girl’s name) look cute together”

Another way to friendzone a guy is by setting him up with another girl. You can suggest to him that he can consider other girls as well. This will divert his attention from you. He will understand that you are not interested in him and thus he should back out.

12. “You know what James asked me out today. I can’t imagine that this is happening.”

You can share what you think about other guys. You can discuss your crushes with him. This will help you in two ways. This will indicate to him that you value him as your good friend to discuss such secrets. Also, he will understand that you do not have any feelings for him and are not sexually attracted to him.


13. “You know what I saw a very hot guy today in the library.”

One of the ways to friendzone a guy is by crushing on a random guy. It may also be a lie to give hints to the guy that you are not interested in him. But don’t repeat this often, otherwise, people might consider you as one who gets attracted easily.

14. “I have asked Ana, Smith, and Stefan to join us for the party.”

Avoid hanging out alone with him. Rather try having group hangouts. If you like the company of that person, hang out with him but make sure you take another person as well. This will not give him any ideas of you being interested in him.

15. “I think there are many things that we don’t know about each other.”

Just be honest. Don’t ignore the topic, instead, be courageous to talk about it. Try clearing things out to him so that he can also divert his attention from you.



Being a human you don’t want to hurt the other person or be rude especially when he is a good friend of yours. But just to sort things out and prevent trouble in the future, it is necessary to drop subtle yet obvious hints. This will help you to friendzone that guy.

Do not ignore the person but send indirect messages that you are not interested in him. This will keep your friendship intact with that guy.

The above listed are the best 15 ways to friendzone a guy.

In case there are still any doubts or an issue on how to friendzone a guy, please do let us know in the section below.


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