Best Hug Day Messages for Couples (July 2020)

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Valentine’s week begins with rose day on 7 February and ends on Valentine’s day celebrated on 14 February. Hug day is the sixth day of the Valentine week and is celebrated on 12th February every year.

As the name suggests on this day couples hug each other at least once a day and make their bond stronger. This day is celebrated the kiss day and is one of the best days to express your feelings and thoughts you have for your partner through gestures and not through words. This day is one of the most celebrated days as it can be celebrated with friends and family and not only with your love partners.

Importance of Hug Day

The importance of hug day is itself hidden in its name. Hugs are a gesture of security and love one has for there partners. And thus can make a bond or a relationship very strong.

Scientifically, hugging someone for a long time helps in getting relief from stress and anxiety as it helps in releasing oxytocin in the brain which is responsible for the lifting mood and having a positive attitude.

Also, hugs can instantly lift anybody’s mood and make you happy on the spot. It also helps in strengthening your immune system. Hugs also help in escaping from depression and loneliness. And even strengthens your self-esteem. Hugs also teach about give and take in a relationship.

Quotes & Wishes for Hug Day

Hug day is the day when your actions and gestures will speak louder than words. But sending cute texts and wishes to your love partner will be cherry to the cake.

Below mentioned are some of the best wishes and texts that will help you to express your feelings and love to your partner and will make them feel special.

  • No place is better than your warm arms. Happy hug day babe❣️❣️!!
  • The only thing that my body needs is your warm hug to charge myself. Happy hug day love.
  • Whenever I feel low I know that I am suffering from the deficiency of vitamin U. Happy hug day❣️❣️!!!!!
  • As soon as you hug me tight my heart just sparks a light. Happy hug day baby!!
  • A hug is nice but if it’s from you it becomes the most perfect one. Happy hug day love
  • If hugs show my love for you I would really hug you for my whole life.
  • Maybe there’s a day that I wake up in your warm hands that would be the best sleep.
  • Your hug can convert my spoilt mood into best within seconds. Happy hug day!!!💕💕
  • Whenever your body touches me I have the best feeling in the world that includes butterflies in my stomach and dimples on my face. Happy hug day love!!!
  • If a hug could tell how much I love you I would not have to stop hugging you, my love.💕❣️❣️


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