What to say before the Surgery: 15 Inspirational Quotes for Surgery Day

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The greater part of individuals would prefer not to experience through surgery. But because of a lot of reasons, they have to go through it. Suffering that pain is always disconcerting.

Patients going in the surgery want their family, friends to be with them for good luck with surgery. Because as patients are behaving as risk-taker and they have apathy while in the recovery period, it’s getting scary.

What to say someone before surgery is always a daunting task but that best wishes for surgery always helps to motivate them and make them ready to face it bravely and cheerfully.

There is tremendous power in your positive words for someone having surgery. So, shower them love and care using these good wishes for surgery.


What to say someone who is having surgery:

Before surgery patient needs a positive thought which gives them confidence, courage and makes them embolden to pass that roller coaster ride easily. Best wishes before surgery assist them with boosting their certainty. So, it’s essential to consider the accompanying quotes while figuring what to say to someone who is having surgery.

1) “You are the storm” :

With regard to progress, nothing is more significant and persuasive than self-assurance and faith in oneself. Inspire them to have belive in themselves So, try to improve patient’s belief by saying like ‘believe yourself, you are a strong person’, ‘you are the storm’ or ‘you are a brave person’, so they concentrate consideration on a solution and not the issue. The patient will feel that change is self needed more than the change of scene.

2) “It just a chapter not a story of your life” :

Convince patients that it not going to last in the rest of the, it’s just a section of their life, it’s not a story. It’s just a small task. Use a phrase like ‘It just a chapter not a story of your life’ or ‘Battle for your life since you are superior to sickness‘ so that patients will feel relief and have some positive vibe around. He will feel that either he run from it, or learn from it.


3)”Believe in supernatural occurrences” :

Before having surgery patients lower their confidence and start thinking ‘ what if the surgery went wrong’, so try to say ‘Believe in miracles’ or ‘Each positive thing you can envision is genuine’. Improve the patient’s confidence. The mind is the only place where we decide to ameliorate or deteriorate.

4) “You are in the hand of experts, everything will be fine “:

Remind the patient that no doubt, this surgeon group has done a lot of successful surgeries. So he is in a safe hand to go under the knife. There is nothing to be worried about. Make the patient thinks that surgery as a simple easy process in which he will go to sleep for some time and wake up feeling strong and fixed fully functional.

5) “You are not alone, I’m going to be here” :

The patient always has a safe corner for a bosom buddy. If friends and relatives are in front of him before surgery, it will give encouragement. This statement gives assurance that whatever happens in surgery you will be there for the patient. You will be his backbone for life.


6) ” At the point when you believe in something, you battle like hellfire for it ” :

Uplifting the patient to have trust in himself is necessary. To encourage the patient to buckle down his fear. So, try to improve patients self – confidence. Give him a glimpse of hope that he will be fine.

7) “We are going to have a warm hug. You can’t stop me!”:

Placing our words into ameliorating motions can give comfort and ideally make your adored one smile. Some kind of physical touch always safe heaven for the patient. Try to hold his hand, give a warm hug to improve his self – confidence.

8)”Tragedy ought to be used as a wellspring of solidarity.”:

The statement shows that regardless of how agonizing experience is if the patient loses hope, that’s the patient’s genuine disaster. So, this statement keeps motivating patients to have hope and persistence. And changes his vision toward surgery in a positive way.

9)”Keep fighting, be the best version of yourself”:

Telling them this will just urge them to remain solid and beat the challenge in front of them. It gives patient strength to prove this best version of himself is a lot more than he thinks. The patient will think his life is a priority of himself. He will push himself to give his best version.

10)”Bringing you up in my prayers for your successful surgery”:

The patient will have a positive vibe thinking that God will help to have a successful surgery. He will try to prompt himself more.


11) “Imagine this surgery is just rescue operation.”:

Assure him that everything will be fine and you will be at home soon. Its just pain for some time for a happy and healthy life. It will be a rescue operation for the patient from the walls of the hospital.

12) “ Things will be more pleasant after surgery”:

As a decision had made by the patient so we should support him. After all, it would be for his better tomorrow. So, motivate him, support his decision. At the point when the unimaginable occurs, the beacon is trust. When we pick trust, the sky is the limit.

13) “I know you are terrified, yet you will be fine”:

Fear is an obvious thing before surgery. But, try not to put down your companion or relatives is felling by letting him know to be fearless. Tell the patient how he battled through lots of tough times in his life.

14) “ Your pain and struggle is success key to your battle”:

Tell the patient that you either get bitter or you get better. It’s easy to get bitter and hard to get better but your pain and struggle are always the success key of your battle and you can win the battle with your key easily. And you have done both so you are on the path of your success. By this statement the patient will understand becoming is better than being.

15) “Life is always hard for the person who can tackle it”:

Convince the patient that he is an adventurous person you have ever seen and nothing is hard for him by telling his own past battles. He will definitely push himself one step ahead towards the surgery bravely. That will be a reason overcoming the surgery very easily.


What to say to someone going into surgery and how we behave with that patient before surgery both play an equal role :

● “Don’t let the patient spend time alone.” As someone comes to know about his surgery, it is obvious he may undergo depression by his thought cycle. So surround him with a favorable environment. 

● Make sure you act normal. If you act uncomfortable there will be changes in giving off vibes to patients which causes discouragement.

● Tell goofy jokes which are related to your past experiences with the patient. Laughter acts always as the best medicine. Always have one positive joke with you if you are confused about what to say before surgery?

● “Make the patient rethinks about his to-do list.” Every person carries lots of dreams for their future. At this tough time, it is natural for a patient to lose hope but to fix this situation is totally in our hands. Spend time with them and make them list down all their dreams. By this patient will realize his life’s importance and becomes desirous which builds boundless positivity

● Don’t use wrong words and negative words in front of the patient. Don’t break them down.

● Keep your mind-set glad. Talking humorous words or lines is a great idea to add to what to say to someone before surgery.


● “Relax them with your gentle words.” Just think of surgery as a simple easy process in which you will go to sleep for some time and wake up feeling strong and fixed fully functional.

● Give the patient get well soon wish cards or flowers which he likes. So, he will be cheerful and lucky. He will take it as a blessing from you.

● When a patient begins telling you something approximately their feelings don’t reduce them off before they finish.

● Tell them that your circle is incomplete without them. Their presence matters the most.

● Make them spend their time on hobbies and you can also be part of it.

● Sometimes it’s okay to sit in silence. It’s the best thing you can do–just sit and be present.

● Build a path to a patient’s heart through your soothing words and cheerful smile.

● Make genuine thoughtful compliments such as “Your smile always lights up my heart.”



It may be hard to locate the ideal message for somebody’s who’s going into the surgery, it’s sort of making compassion lines for the patient. But don’t forget that this message will give them the courage to tackle the surgery and they will go for the surgery with imperishable trust in themselves. If someone is about to go through any surgery, cheer them, and make them ready to face it bravely with your best wishes for surgery.

Words are an expression of your love and support. So, you should know what to say before surgery.


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