30 Meaningful Compliments for Kids [July 2020]

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Giving compliments is a way of praising the other person. Getting sincere compliments gives immense happiness to a kid.

Compliments for kids define their character and build their value system. Therefore, it becomes important on the part of the parents to compliment their kids.

Meaningful compliment for kids aid in imparting a sense of positivity in them. Kids start to feel good about themselves. They develop a positive attitude.

Furthermore, compliments for kids work as motivation to do well. Compliments also lead to the moral development of a kid.

During the early years, kids tend to seek approval from their elders, generally parents, for everything they do. Using compliments for kids to appreciate them will eventually help them to distinguish between right and wrong.

Compliments also enable the kids to know whether their efforts are being appreciated or not and that makes a lot of difference.

Compliments for kids must be sincere and make them feel proud of themselves. Let them know through the compliments how special they are to you.

Compliments for Kids to Boost their Morale

  • Right things are often hard to do but still, you chose to go with what is right.”
  • “Giving others a chance to speak is a great virtue. You are a great person and I am blessed to have you.”
  • “I saw you fell off the bicycle but didn’t give up. You got up and rode the bicycle again. This shows that you are brave and I am so proud of you.”
  • “I know it was not easy to gather courage and recite your poem in front of the entire class. But you did it well. You are so courageous and I am proud of you.”
  • “Paul was really rude to you but still you did not answer him back rudely. I know you must have felt really bad but you chose to walk away. Well done.”
  • “When you accidentally bumped into the stranger lady, you helped her and apologized. It is a good thing. Follow that in future as well.”
  • “At times, other kids make fun of you before you wear spectacles. But you ignore them and I appreciate that. Never let that affect yourself. Besides you look cute in these.”
  • “You fell in the race but that you didn’t let the fall affect your morale. You got up, dusted your clothes, and continued the race. This shows your determination. Keep it up.
  • “I know you find it difficult to deal with numbers and thus scored low in maths. But you are improving with practice. Keep practicing. You are doing well.”
  • “Not everyone is able to see the beauty of your soul. Befriend those who make you feel good about yourself.”
  • “Getting angry and shouting at people is easy. But I am glad you chose the difficult one by maintaining your calm. Keep it up.”
  • “Remember you are very special and I feel always protect you.”
  • “Rather than focusing on things that are beyond our control at the moment, it is better to focus on what can be done now. Believe in yourself and I am sure you will excel.”
  • “I understand that it is not easy to mingle with all the kids but I saw you are still trying. Remember you always make me proud.”
  • “I saw you sharing your fries with Smith. Always be the same. I admire you for the person you are.”

Compliments for Kids for Performing well

  • “The project you were assigned was not an easy one still you performed so well. I am really proud of you.”
  • “I know you had a tight schedule with basketball practice and exams but still you excelled and simultaneously managed both so well. Keep it up.”
  • “Thank you for helping in serving snacks when the guests arrived. I was already so tired from work. You are my savior. I am blessed to have you by my side.”
  • “I may not thank you every time you help me with some of the work but don’t think that your efforts go unnoticed. I do appreciate you for everything you do.”
  • “Not everyone is courageous enough to accept their mistakes. But you confessed that the flower vase was broken by you. It shows how brave and truthful you are and I value you for that.”
  • “I noticed that you are trying to abide by your schedule strictly and planned your studies accordingly. That’s quite impressive. Keep it up.”
  • “You are a great help when it comes to babysitting your little sister. I appreciate that you understand me rather than being ignorant about it. You are already becoming a responsible brother and I am so proud of you.”
  • “I have noticed that you have started getting up early in the morning for studying without me reminding you. With this attitude, you are definitely going to succeed. Best of luck and keep it up.”
  • “I am so glad that you behaved so well in front of the guests. Even they were so impressed by your demeanor. You always make me proud. I am blessed to have you.”
  • “You worked really hard for your basketball tournament. And this trophy pays off your hard work. Also, it shows that you are a great team player. Keep it up.”
  • “I saw you helping Nina with studies. You are a responsible big brother and a great role model for your little sister. You always make me proud.”
  • “I have lately been observing the way you are keeping your room tidy and I am really impressed by your efforts.”
  • “Today when your grandparents paid a visit, I observed that you were so well behaved and respected them. Always be polite to your elders.”
  • “Today I saw you consoling your friend when she was having a bad time. You are a great friend and I am proud of you.”
  • “It’s been a week since you have been managing yourself getting ready for the school. You are growing to be independent and I am so impressed with the efforts you are putting. Keep it up.”


Compliments for kids lay a foundation for the development of their values and morals. They govern their actions to a great extent. If a kid is praised for his/her good behavior or character, it will eventually motivate him/her to follow the same practice in the future as well.

Compliments help the kids to know that their activities and efforts are not being unnoticed. Kids are encouraged to face daily challenges if they are complimented.

The above stated are 30 possible compliments for kids which are meaningful to kids and can be used by elders to motivate the kids.

In case there are still any doubts or an issue regarding the compliments for kids, please do let us know in the section below.


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