Motivational Quotes For Athletes

It is very well known that an athlete needs a large amount of energy to fight and win the battles present before him. But every time only physical strength does not work and is not sufficient.

Athletes along with physical strength must be trained with the mental strength so that there both mental and physical gameplay is strong enough to perform the tasks assigned to him in the best manner possible.

This can be done best by there coaches as they spend most of there time of the day with there coaches so coaches of the athletes should make them feel confident and motivated about both there physical and mental abilities.

Some quotes which can make athletes feel confident and motivated are mentioned below:-

The Pain You Feel Today Will Be The Strength You Feel Tomorrow.
Success Belong Only To Those Who Are Willing To Work Harder Than Anyone Else.
If You Can Believe It, The Mind Can Achieve It.
Take Failures As Lessons Learnt. Next Competition Is Yours.

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