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Talking in specific terms leadership means leading and guiding a person or a group of people to achieve a specific goal or a set target in the most effective and efficient method and manner possible.

A person who leads an entire group is known as leaders and his or her subordinates are called as his followers.

A good leader is one who identifies his followers weaknesses and strengths and give them appropriate opportunities according to there strengths and weaknesses to perform better in the organisation and help them to achieve both organisational goals as well as personal goals.

Also it is important that a good leader must be a good motivator which means he must have the capability to make his followers believe in themselves and making them perform there best and help them to achieve best.

And a good leader must have complete knowledge about his or her field of work so that he is able to understand where his followers and team are going wrong and correct them and prevent them from performing any mistakes or errors.

One of the most necessary and essential characteristic of a leader is that he must be determined towards his work and should perform each and every task with complete determination.

Some of the quotes that will help you to perform your leadership tasks to the best are mentioned below:-


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