20+ Examples to help you write the Perfect Thank You Note to your Sponsors [July 2020]

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We tend to find ourselves in junctures and intersections where a lending hand of assistance and succor, either in cash or kind is needed, whether it be for a particular event, charity, organization, or education.

As a form of investment, sponsorships are used by companies to broaden their reach, using their logos and images for advertising simultaneously as they provide aid.

Though it generates recognition and preference for their brand name, the intent of sponsors are not just confined to marketing strategies. Sometimes, it goes beyond to that of kindliness and magnanimity at the hands of generous contributors.

Nonetheless, it becomes imperative for us to pay our gratitude through a respectful panegyric or a note when bestowed with a sponsorship.

When it comes to formulating a well-written thank you note, we often find ourselves lost and drowning in words, looking for the perfect way to say thanks.

It is completely natural to feel that way since most of us are overwhelmed by such gratitude and no fine words seem to match the level of indebtedness you owe to them.

Here are some of the different ways through which you can showcase your gratitude, suiting different occasions, and needs. Hope you find the right combination of words after reading through this-


For Educational Sponsors 

  • I am profoundly grateful to your esteemed organization (organization’s name) for sponsoring my education for the upcoming academic year. I’m honored to have received this opportunity to continue my higher education in a financially stable position. I promise to give my best at it and will live up to your organization’s reputation
  • I find myself at a loss of words when it comes to showing my gratitude and thanks to you and your organization for sponsoring me for the program. I hereby behold this great responsibility of living up to your company’s name and promise and I will not let down your name in any way. 
  • I am beyond grateful to have been selected as one of the recipients of this philanthropic cause. It will surely ease the difficulties that I’ve had been facing finance to date and would further help me focus more on my studies to reach greater heights.
  • Heartfelt thanks to your organization for sponsoring study materials and kits for our NGO activities concerned with imparting education in rural areas. I am sure they will be efficacious and of great use. 
  • Thank you so much for bestowing me with this great opportunity and for having faith in my abilities to research and work for your institution with a generous amount of funds that would go a long way. I will make use of this opportunity to the best of my abilities. 
  • Coming from a middle- class family, I find myself deeply grateful to you and your esteemed organization for sponsoring my studies for the year 2020-21. An opportunity at such an esteemed and elite institution is a privilege that I could not have had the opportunity to experience if it was not for your great deed.
  • Thank you for sponsoring my studies at the esteemed university of (name). I am truly grateful to your organization for according me with such an opportunity. I am sure this exposure will bring out the best in me.

For Event Sponsors

  • On behalf of everyone at (your company’s name), I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to (name) for sponsoring our event which turned out to be a great success.
  • I hereby showcase my hearty gratitude to the event sponsors (name) for conferring us with adequate financial support to pull out such a triumphant company fundraiser. 
  • We are deeply honored and beyond grateful to have partnered with your organization. The sponsorship that you provide each year to help us in growing and widening our reach in every way possible.
  • Much thanks and gratitude to Mr (name) and his well- renowned company (name) for sponsoring our event to great success. We are looking forward to a lasting partnership with your company for years to come.
  • We found ourselves at a crucial juncture before (sponsor name) came forward to help us out and sponsor our event. We at (your company’s name) will never forget your kind efforts and are truly grateful for everything that you have done for us. 
  • Genuine and heartfelt gratitude to Mr (name) and his respectable company for helping us out with the budget funds for our annual event. Please accept this token of love on behalf of everyone here at (your company’s name).
  • We couldn’t have pulled off such a successful annual day program without our benevolent sponsors who help us out each year through their generous deeds. Please accept our sincere gratitude for all the kinds of support you lend us in the past for making this event a reality.
  • A special mention to our marketing partners without whom our department fest wouldn’t have taken a solid shape. Thanks for providing us with adequate amounts to meet all our needs and requirements for the day. 

For Charity Sponsors

  • We are blinded by your immense generosity and thereby thank you with all of our hearts for the generous contribution that you have made to this organization.
  • It feels nice to know that there still are people who are generous enough to sponsor our organization’s charity run in great lump-sum amounts. We are greatly thankful for your kind deeds. 
  • In a highly unequal world, we find people who are generous enough to come forward and help others in a kind and cash and we hold a deep reverence for every one of them. 
  • Much gratitude and thanks to the generous hearts who came forward with commendable amounts of sponsor for our charity’s cause. 
  • I find myself at a loss of words to express my gratitude to our biggest sponsor Mr (name) for his generous contribution to our cause. We appreciate your efforts in all time and bounds. 
  • The world becomes a better place when capable people come forward and help out the less privileged sections of the society. Thanks to all our kind sponsors who helped us impart education and necessities to children of 31 villages in the state of (——).
  • Deep reverence to our dear Mr (name) who bequeathed his two properties to our charitable organization for housing the elderly and the sick of our city. You have the blessings of every one of them.
  • It is a blessing in disguise vouchsafed by our anonymous donator who contributed huge amounts for our NGO’s cause. I take this opportunity to thank publically whosoever it is for their kind act. You will be abundantly blessed by the Almighty above.
  • Profound gratitude to Mr and Mrs (name) for entrusting us with support both in cash and in-kind to widen our organization’s cause. We are humbled by your kind endeavors and vouch to make the best use of the support provided by you.  

Gesturing deep reverence and thanks to our sponsors is a vitally important task that carries with it a sense of profound acknowledgment and recognition for them. It presumably places you in a respectable position which further might help you in drawing and enticing more funds and grants.


This art of appreciation must never be omitted in any venture that we pursue in our lives. It is not often that we find ourselves benefited abundantly with good fortune and generosity of others and the least we can do is to stand upon our sense of obligation.

You must be also grateful for their efforts by choosing our words and sentences wisely in order to bring out the best way in which you can exhibit regards and thankfulness.

Hope this article has served its purpose to your utmost needs.


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