25 Pick-Up School Pick-Up Lines for Your Crush [July 2020]

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School and college life are indeed one of the most beautiful time of life. We come across a thousand new faces, we become friends with them and spend a happy time together. No wonder we also do secretly crush on one of them and never speak about our feelings.

We perhaps cannot figure out exactly what to say and when to say, and we are conscious of not being friend-zoned and also to come up with a different and innovative way of approaching.

This becomes difficult if you are one of those shy people who prefer to sit in the corner rather than approaching. But there’s nothing to worry about. We are here with a few unconventional and quirky pick-up lines you can use to approach your school or college crush.


Pick-up lines to use if you’re in School

If you are in high school then you have probably been crushing on him/her for years now and still waiting for the right time to approach or wondering the correct way to start a conversation.

Also, you have to study real hard for scoring well in your upcoming assessments and you would hardly get time to present yourself in a unique way such that he/she chooses you over others. But wouldn’t it be easy, interesting wry and tongue in cheek if you could transform your daily notes into pick-up lines?

I bet this would attract her attention towards your unique way of wooing her. Why don’t you try it out yourself? Here are a few lines to push your conversation ahead and give it a good start.


Chemistry-Based Pick-Up Lines

1. Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you are Cute.

This is a pick-up line related to chemistry. The elements copper and tellurium have their scientific symbols as Cu and Te respectively. And joining both the symbols we get the word cute. So this an amazing pick-up line you can use to initiate a conversation with your crush.

2. You must be acid to my litmus paper, every time I see you, I turn red.

This is a classic pick-up line and there’s cent percent assurance of gifting you her chuckles when you say this. Acid turns litmus paper red and alkali turns it blue. Bringing the reference of litmus and acid, you can indicate that your feelings for her turn you red when she passes by you or when you are around her. Another chemistry-based pick-up line that can help you approach her and express your feeling.


3. I am feeling too hot. Is it because you are standing beside me and the law of thermodynamics prevails?

The law of thermodynamics related to physical chemistry states that heat is transferred from a body of higher temperature to a body of lower temperature. Saying this to her you would implicate that she is too hot and thus her hotness is making you feel hot as heat is being transferred. This is surely going to make her fall about or might even land you on a date if everything goes well.

4. You must be an expensive ester cause your aroma drags me out of every blues.

Esters have a sweet fragrance. Saying this you indicate that she has a beautiful scent that takes your breath away and you can do anything to feel the same and thus you keep being around her. This is a very sweet pick up line that will surely bring a smile on his/her lips and also bring you close to him/her so that you can express how you feel.


5. Can you feel the van der Waals force or I need to come closer?

Van der Waals’s force is an attractive force and this line implicates that you are attracted to her and want her to feel the same. This is an eccentric and funny pick-up line that can make her belly laugh and also might help you move out with her for a date.

Biology-Based Pick-Up Line

6. I am no organ donor but I will be more than happy to give you my heart.

This is a very sweet and lovey-dovey statement for expressing your feeling to your crush. This sounds genuine and a bit cheesy but being a bit cheesy to woo your crush is no bad. You might land up on a date with her if everything goes perfectly. This statement indicates that your feelings for her are so strong that you can give your heart to her, or you love her with all your heart and this will surely melt her heart.


7. Whenever I am near you, I undergo anaerobic respiration cause you take my breath away.

This is another sweet indication for you to express your feeling. This would make her feel special and at the same time clear ways for you to approach her. This is a very different and classic pick-up line that will gift you her smiles along with a green signal to the paths of her heart.

8. You are so hot that you denature my protein.

High temperature denature proteins. This line would implicate that he/she is beautiful to the extent of heat required to denature proteins which is quite a high temperature. Who doesn’t like to get appreciated for their beauty? This statement is hot enough to melt their heart and increase their penetrations for you to enter with ease.


9. I wish I were adenine so that I could get paired with U.

Intelligence is always attractive. Using such pick-up lines you can help you flaunt your wit. In RNAs, nitrogenous bases get paired up and Adenine pairs with Uracil denoted as U. This implies that you are interested in her and want to get paired with her. This is a very unique way to approach her as this statement is witty and intellectual. She wouldn’t have expected to get approached by someone in this way and can startle her for a moment. Try this out and see her reaction.

10. Hey girl! Your name must be phylum cause you are above all classes.

Another biology pick-up line that can blow her mind off. Phylum and class are the spectrums for classifying an organism. But this statement tricks on the word class which indicates that she has got high class and standards that match no one in comparison. Both your wit and implications would impress her and she might agree to see you again.


Mathematics-Based Pick-Up Lines

11. I heard you are good at math. Could you help me with the sum of U+me?

This is a very intellectual pick up line that you can use to impress her. This would surely make her belly laugh and roll on the floor. It would highlight your humor skills and would also send clear indications of how you feel about her. Also, everyone has to do maths and she need not be very smart to understand complex lines and this is simple and she would easily catch your intentions.

12. Are you a bank loan? Cause you have all my interests.

Interest and amount sums are pretty common among students and everyone is familiar with such terminologies and their meaning.  This would be easy for her to understand what you indicated and reciprocate.  It’s always good to play simple and smart and this is a perfect example.


13. The derivative of my love for you is 0 because my love for you is constant.

Integration and Derivation is an important part of high school mathematics and every student who knows the basic derivation formulas would know that derivative of any constant is 0.

This is a very sweet way to express your love to your crush by defining it to be constant and no doubt this would make you hold a constant position in your crush’s heart. This simple yet unique statement can blow her mind off and melt her heart down.

14. You are sweeter than pi

Though our teachers have taught us that the value of pi is 3.14, it is infinite and has no limit. We use the approximate and round off value to make our calculations easy.

When you say this to her, you imply that her prettiness is beyond limits and this is a high appreciation that one could ever get. She will be impressed by this for sure and you guys might land on a date real soon. This is a sweet, a bit flirty, and unoffensive comment that might make her feel comfortable as well as highlight your humor.

Pick-Up Lines For University Crushes

If you are in University, then it’s high time you lift your game. You’d have to concentrate on your career as well as flaunt your skills in picking up your choice.

It’s always cool that you steal the most beautiful ladies and the handsome guys of your university but you also need to be more confident and subtle to approach them and be on point while delivering your pick-up lines.

Imagine a not so interesting day in your college and you are either in the library hunting for some notes or in the canteen grabbing a packet of cookies and the specimen who always stole your attention passes by.

Your day is instantly enlightened. Isn’t it better to enlighten your whole life instead of just a day? Here are a few pick up lines to help you up with approaching the fairy light in your dark rooms.


Flirty Pick-up Lines

15. I heard you’re a singer. Let’s catch up someday and jam.

If you’re a band-geek and don’t really know how to ask her out then this is the best way if you know her interests in music. You could probably ask her out for teaching an instrument or simply for jamming and this way you get to spend time together and start conversing. This would push you out of your odds and simplify your roads to win her.

16. If you’re in search of a handsome escort to help you find your class then you’re always welcome.

You can try this out on your junior being a sophomore when she is a freshman. This would leave a very strong impact on her. She would be impressed by your witty ways of asking to help her out. Also, your road to starting a conversation is clear. She would be more than happy to find a helpful senior and you are soon to gain her trust and might be you catch up with her later.


17. I have learned all the important dates in history but I am looking forward to ours.

History can be boring, especially when it comes to racking your brain to memorize those important dates and events. But turning that to ask someone on a date can be interesting and humorous.

This is a very unique way to ask someone out on a date. It has some tinge of humor and some affection amalgamated that might galvanize her.  It’s not always cool to be flirty with all but to the one special person who snatches your attention away, this might be a cool note for asking her out on a date.

If you didn’t know how to start a conversation but you were longing to talk to her, then just go on and casually ask her out. This line is appropriate for you, so just try this out.

18. Are you a gym freak? Cause you never stop running in my mind.

This can be used both by guys and girls to show-case their feelings to their crushes. It’s a very sweet gesture on your part. It’s always good to make the other person feel special and sharing the thoughts of you thinking about them all day would bring red patches on their cheeks. This could even help initiate a conversation between you and one never knows, the water might flow till a coffee shop with you both in a date.


19.  Are you Mc. Donalds? Cause I’m loving it.

No doubt she will hurt her belly laughing at this pick-up line but this would an innocent compliment. The tagline of Mc. Donalds is funny and catchy and a bit flirty too so she would understand your motive behind calling her Mc. Donalds with all the ease. Also, she might show up with you there for a date. Who knows? Go try your luck out.

20. You’re from the science stream? No doubt why I feel our chemistry to be this strong.

That’s a tricky pick-up line. Even if you are rejected, you might give an excuse that you both share common chemistry classes.

Chemistry, apart from being just a subject, is also used to describe the attraction between two people in a relationship. You will surely receive a box of your crush’s chuckles on saying this to her/him.


Pick-Up Lines for Teachers

If you are a teacher that doesn’t mean you cannot use pick-up lines. Adults can have crushes too and it would be very sweet of you to ask out the laboratory staff or the English teacher and make efforts to get noticed. Here are a few pick-up lines for you guys to break the ice and use instantly when you get an opportunity so that you don’t have to waste time thinking about how to woo and waste time.

21. You must be the square root of -1 cause you can’t be real.

This would be a great try on your part on a Mathematics teacher cause she would know the value of the root of -1 leads to an unreal number. This is a sweet line that would emphasize that it’s hard to believe someone as beautiful as she can exist in reality. She would be electrified by such comment as everyone likes to get appreciated for their beauty. Also, this won’t lead her to get offended and who knows she might want to see you again.

22. I didn’t know this institution hires angels as teachers.

Another sweet line to help you start a conversation with your lady crush. Nothing could be pleasing than to address your crush as an angel and this can no way offend someone rather push them to accept your proposal. Nothing can make someone feel special than to be called an angel. Try this out and see her reaction. She definitely can’t stop blushing.


23. Do you have any contact with a swim trainer? I need some swimming lessons before I drown in the oceans of your eyes.

Praising her eyes is perhaps the best way to reach close to her heart. She would love to get appreciated for her eyes. Also, this would imply that you like her the way she is and is also not offensive. This would also flaunt your capability to play with words and would impress her. This also has a tinge of joke which would surely present you a box full of her smiles. Try this out on her and get a blissful smile in return.

24. You look like a naughty boy/girl. I would love to teach you a lesson.

This a bit naughty version of a pick-up line and be careful to use it only when you had been flirting with the person back and forth and you know each other well. Make sure that person likes you back and you’ve such rapport that he/she would be comfortable getting naughty hints from you.

Or else, you might land on the principal or HR’s office for staff harassment so better you be careful before you use this.

25. So you are the new mathematics teacher? No doubt you’re such acute-y.

This is the perfect pick up line to use on a mathematics teacher as her subject includes a geometry that involves circles and triangles. This line a trick on the acute angle and the would acute-y is used here as a mathematics version of calling someone cutie. This is really impressive and a cute gesture and one would definitely love this. Try this out on him/her and see if this can make him/her blush.


Practice your pick up lines before approaching someone. Don’t worry about rejections. They are a part of life. Rejections give us the enthusiasm to try again on a better note. If your intentions are good and your love is true then definitely you can win him/her. Always remember, “You can do it”.


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