Best Rose Day Messages & amp; Greetings (July 2020)

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February, the second month of the year is best known for its love festivals celebrated mostly by the youth of the country. One such festival is Rose day which is celebrated on the seventh of February and is also the very first love festival. This day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week.

As the name suggests this day is celebrated by giving a rose to the love of your life and letting them know how much they mean to you and how special they are in your life.

You can also gift a rose to your crush and propose them to be your lover and life partner and express all your feelings you have for them in your heart. You can gift as many as roses you want ( according to your pocket) and make most out of this precious and lovely day. Since this day is all about roses so on this day roses get sold like hot buns all around the globe.

History of this Day

The story behind these love festivals is numerous and in abundance but the main core of every story is spreading love all around the world. This valentine’s week is named after the name st. Valentines.

Celebration of Rose Day

On this rose day, couples give each other roses and express there love with flowers and emotions of love. One can use roses and greeting cards or e-cards to make it more special. If you want to make it even more special and unique then you can send heart-shaped cakes or chocolates. And do not forget to send a card writing all your feelings and emotions you have for your love.

Meaning of Every Rose Color

Each and every rose narrates a different story and writes a new history every time. Along with remarkable beauty roses also carry a subtle fragrance which makes roses even more special and worthy.

Different colors in which roses exist are as follows:-

  • Red

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Pink

  • Orange

  • Lilac and purple

1. Red Roses

Everyone knows red color is for love. Valentine’s day cannot be celebrated so well without the existence of these red roses. This bold and beautiful color is responsible for all the love and drama of this valentines festival. Along with love this color also shows care and passion one has for the other person. Red rose is also known as lovers rose.

2. White Roses

The white color is known for its simplicity and purity. White roses are known as the brides rose and are best for the young love and are seen as a mark of early marriage. White roses deliver a message of worthiness i.e. “I am worthy for you”.

3. Yellow Roses

Once Yellow roses were symbols of jealousy but in modern times yellow roses mark the beginning of friendships and show joy and care one share for each other.

4. Pink Roses

Pink roses show femininity, elegance, and gentility. All the features that best describe a woman.

  • Deep Pink Roses – These roses show appreciation and gratitude.

  • Pale Pink Roses – These roses show admiration, softness, subtleness and divine nature.

5. Orange Roses

The orange color of warmth, desire and enthusiasm denote admiration and attraction, passion and excitement.

6. Lilac & Purple Roses

Lilac and purple are one of the best valentine roses as they depict love and attraction at first sight. Thus makes very easy to express your feelings to your crush.

Quotes for Rose Day

Rose day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week and this is the best day to wish your love on this special day. Some of the best rose day wishes and blessings are mentioned below:-

1. Today I will gift you something which is as beautiful as you. Sending you a bunch of roses my love. Happy rose day🌹🌹

2. One thing that is most precious to me is your smile. Please keep smiling dear. Wishing you a very happy rose day

3. Sending you beautiful roses like you. The happy rose day baby🌹🌹🌹🌹

4. On this day I pray to god that all your sorrows vanish away and your life gets blossom like roses. The happy rose day my princess.

5. I hope god removes all the thorns of your life. The happy rose day my baby.

6. A rose to the rose of my life. Beautiful, charming and special as you. The happy rose day my happy place.

7. Thank you for accepting me with all my flaws And as I am. The happy rose day my love.

8. Words cannot describe what you are to me and how perfect my life you have made. Thank you for coming in my life and making it so special. Happy Rose Day Baby🌹🌹9. My life without you is rose without color. Colorless and lifeless. Happy rose day love.

10. A bouquet of roses and wishes for you my love. Happy rose day!!

11. No flower is as pretty as you dear. But these roses surely matches the love we share. The happy rose day my queen.👸🏻👸🏻

12. Nothing can be as comforting and special as you in my life. Happy Rose Day My Love.

13. Love you give me is as special as a fragrance of fresh roses. Sending you roses. Happy rose day🌹🌹🌹🌹

14. Rose not only depicts love but also

R- Rare
O- Ones
S- Supporting
E- Entire life

15. Be strong as a rock and regular as a clock. Happy rose day!!!

16. Your company makes me forget all my sorrows and pain.

17. You are the one who has filled my life full of colors. So red rose, pink rose, orange rose, yellow rose, white rose all for you on this rose day my queen.

18. Happy rose day to the most important person of my life. Happy Rose Day My Gem.💎💎

19. You are the only one who can make my heart beat faster. Happy Rose Day Mr. special.

20. All of the birds cannot dance but the peacock does it most of the friends can’t even reach my heart but you did it no flower can express love as a rose does it. 


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