90+ Sweet and Cute things to say to your Girlfriend!!! [July 2020]

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Remember how you woke up that morning to see a short, really cute lovey-dovey message from your girlfriend? Remember how reading that text first thing in the morning had brought a wide grin on your face?

Oh, and how that day had turned out to be one of the good, happy, positive days of your life! Your mood was uplifted such that you went about your day happily doing all the mundane courses with new enthusiasm… Well, now you understand what a simple, short cute text can do; the power it beholds

Now, it’s obvious that you would want the same thing for your sweetheart… Who doesn’t want to see his girl chirping happily like a bird all day long!


And whether they say it or not, EVERY single girl would love to hear those cute words of love and appreciation from her lover. You might have just said or texted a line or two of those cute things, but she would just love to bask in those words all day long; that’s how much she likes to hear things from you!!!

But then again, what to write? What would be that perfect line to bring that big beautiful smile on her face? Of course, for some, these words of appreciation and cute flirty stuff come so easily as if it’s nothing more than a piece of cake, but then for others, it might be one hell of a ‘task’.

Phew! We are right here to your rescue!!! Here we have compiled some really cute and loving messages or lines which you might wanna say to her or use in your messages. Oh, but, keep things real, because she will know if you would be pretending, and nobody likes that, right?

Things to Say to Show her Your Love for Her

  1. I was sitting under the sky last night counting each star, relating them to the reasons why I am in love with you, and well, apparently the number of stars we can see at night with the naked eye is not so ‘infinite’.
  2. Had there been a provision to pause life, I would have paused it at the point where you and I were in each other’s arms and would have kept it that way for eternity just so that we could spend “an eternity” together. Oh girl, what have you done to me
  3. I can’t even imagine a future of mine without you in it; not anymore. Such is the situation that you have become the center of my world.
  4. The first time I saw you, I thought that gradually these butterflies in my stomach would subside, but the only thing that has happened since that day is that they have only just grown.
  5. The concepts of soulmates seemed to be so unrealistic to me until I came across you. I love you

  6. Seems like I am going to need to keep lots and lots of bandages or rather first aid kits with me; because every other day, I fall for you all over again.
  7. I am eagerly waiting for the day when you will realize how crazy I am about you, and that day you would also become aware of the fact that I would do absolutely anything to keep that gorgeous smile on your face. Your happiness is my absolute priority! I love you!
  8. I don’t understand why people have this perception that love makes you weak. All this while that I have been crazy about you, all I have felt is that if anything your love has done to me, it has made me stronger than ever!
  9. There’s just so much I want to tell you about how much in love I am with you that one lifetime won’t be enough.
  10. I don’t know if my obsession with you and your thoughts is normal anymore because I spend my day thinking about you or spending time with you or talking to you; I last thing I think before falling asleep is about you, during my sleep, I dream about you and then when I wake up, the first thought that comes to my mind is about you.
  11. I don’t know how to apologize about the fact that I went completely numb earlier that day when you asked me the reason behind my affection towards you. It’s just that I cannot decide which reason to give to you. If I started giving you all of them, we would run out of time, and if I were to choose a few amongst them, then it just becomes so difficult to decide which one to tell you.
  12. The connection that I have with you is something so different from what I have ever had with anybody till date. It’s way more intense, deep, calming.
  13. What I feel with you, it’s just something alien. But then I think, this is how love is supposed to be! I love you so so much!
  14. I don’t think I will ever get tired of confessing this to you over and over again, but I just love you so much and I feel so lucky to have you in my life!
  15. The way you make me feel and the intensity of what I feel about you can’t be explained. I fall short of words no matter how hard I try.
  16. Oh, I love you so much, baby! There’s absolutely nobody in this entire universe that I would rather be with. There’s no way possible to find a person like you, and even if there were, I would never even want to know.
  17. You helped me come across parts of me that I never knew existed, and made me fall in love with you with the intensity that I never believed was even possible.
  18. No matter how hard I try, I just fail to figure out how to have you in front of me and not be madly and completely in love with you.
  19. If only I had a dollar for every time the thought of you crossed my mind, I know I would be the richest man in the entire planet!

Things to Say to Compliment Her

  1. I went to buy a flower for you, but ended up failing miserably. There isn’t a single flower that I could find which was apt enough to match your beauty.
  2. There are so many things about you that are just impossible to find in people these days. You have to be an angel.
  3. I used to read about fairies and fairylands. Little did I know that fairies were real and life with a fairy on earth was possible. Thank you my little fairy, for making my world a fairyland.
  4. There’s this pic of yours which I happened to come across and I just realized that it was the picture of the most gorgeous woman on this entire planet! My God, you are so beautiful!
  5. You mesmerize me… everything about you- the depth in your eyes, your beauty, your body, your personality, your intelligence, EVERYTHING about you mesmerises me. YOU mesmerize me, period.
  6. Hey little enchantress, Do you even realize how magical your looks are? Just one swift look at you and my heart skips a beat or two- just like that!

  7. At times, when I look at you, it becomes so hard for me to believe that it’s not just a dream. I truly am the lover of an angel and I truly am loved by that angel!
  8. What is it in you that drives me so crazy? Help me figure this out, because when I start to think about what I like about you, there isn’t a countable number of your traits that I can settle on.
  9. They say that beauty with brains is a rare combination. Well, it seems like I’ve found one of the rarest gems in the universe.
  10. You’re such a perfect combination of beauty and brain, and this is so hot, it drives me crazy!
  11. Ooh, how can I ever get enough of you??? You are a total package. Such deep eyes and those killing smiles backed with that mind which has such adorable thoughts and ideas!

  12. When God was giving gifts of beauty and brain, did he do some sort of partiality with you? How come you have both in such huge amounts???
  13. I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would get to be with a girl as intelligent and sexy as you!
  14. When they feel amazed at your success, I am amused. With such intelligence and talent, there’s no way you could have possibly been anything less than what you are.
  15. How is it that every single act of yours is filled with so much cuteness?
  16. You know, it’s a crime, the way you look so adorable at all times.
  17. You, my love, without any doubt are the most beautiful woman in the world. And your soul is the most beautiful part of you!
  18. Your presence, it’s so warm and comforting. You are such a beautiful person with a warm heart. How can anyone not be in love with you?!

Cute Short Things To Say To Her

  1. Are you willing to become a vampire with me? Because one human lifetime is not even close to enough of the time I want to spend with you.
  2. I had started doubting the existence of God until I met you. He indeed answered all my prayers, and that too so efficiently. Just one answer to all my questions- YOU!!!
  3. I fear that if you keep on being the ‘sweetness’ you are; I am surely going to have diabetes anytime soon.
  4. It’s a wonder how easily you can make my life so much better. All you have to do is smile, and lo! My day is so much better already!
  5. That day when I saw you for the first time, and the very first thought that came to my mind was ‘she is meant to be with me’; that was the day when I knew that love, at first sight, was possible!
  6. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I couldn’t have possibly imagined a life which was nearly as good as it is with you by my side.
  7. I was thinking about our moments together when I realized that you ‘belonged’ in my arms. I would hug you all day and during nights, you can make them your pillow.
  8. Whenever I asked anyone how I would understand that “she is the one”, all I used to get was “you’ll just know”. Little did I know back then that what they had been saying all this while was absolutely true.
  9. I thank good lord every single day that I wake up to find you here by my side.
  10. The first thing in the morning that I wanna see once I wake up is your face. THAT is what makes my day!
  11. The last minutes of the day that I spend away from you are the longest and the most difficult to spend.
  12. When you’re away, I dream about you, daydream about you, and then repeat.
  13. Every night I go to bed, thinking I cannot love you any more than I already do. Every morning I wake up proving myself wrong, over and over again!
  14. You are the light that brightens even the darkest moments of my life.
  15. Despite being two individuals with distinct paths, it’s a surprise how perfectly we become the center of each other’s worlds.
  16. It’s a wonder how time just flies when I am with you and that stubborn thing just doesn’t pass when you are away!
  17. Oh sweet Lord, will I ever be able to have enough of you and your love?

Things to say to her to Make her Cry of Happiness

  1. If I was given the gift to exchange one thing of a person with one thing of mine, I would exchange my share of happiness with your share of pain.
  2. I used to laugh at people who used to say that their lovers were their sun, or moon, or world, or stars. I never had thought that I would say this, but you happen to be my entire universe, and all the parallel universes, if they exist ;). I love you so much, baby!
  3. I don’t know why this is happening to me, but with every passing moment my need to be with you in my life increases. No matter how hard I try to control the pace, but the intensity of how I feel for you just keeps increasing so rapidly.
  4. I don’t just want you in my life. I need you. I don’t just love you, I am in love with you!
  5. I know I can’t promise to bring stars or the moon for you, but I promise I would do everything that is humanly possible for me to keep that pretty smile of yours from fading even slightly.
  6. Every morning when I wake up to see you sleeping peacefully by my side, your hair messy and a faint smile on your face while you sleep, I fall for you all over again!

  7. I have this urge to lay by your side all night, and keep looking at you sleeping peacefully in my arms, snuggling close to my chest.
  8. I cannot explain the satisfaction I get just by knowing that there’s one more day that we have spent together, madly in love with each other, and there is one more day soon to come, which we will spend too, madly in love with each other.
  9. I wish we could have met earlier in our lives. Things would have been so much better all along. We would have saved each other from so many mishaps that took place in our lives before we met each other.
  10. Please promise me this one thing, you will be here, by my side forever, because I can’t find a way to breathe without you in my life.
  11. I had this nightmare last night, in which I saw that you didn’t want me anymore. I was asking you not to leave me and you weren’t paying any heed. I had this immense pain in my chest and it was so real and intimidating. I am so not ready to face that situation ever in my life. I can’t live without you. I hope that never ever happens to us.

  12. There will come a day when we’ll be sitting on a bench in some park, old and cute, your head resting on my shoulder, and we would remember these days and how we used to talk about that day!
  13. We are that perfect couple who falls in love and grows old together. I love you so much!
  14. The mere thought of you leaving me someday sends chills down my spine!
  15. We have come so far together that you have become one of the necessities to keep me alive.
  16. It’s only when you entered my life that I started to have faith in those things like destiny and soulmates. I am so sure that you are my soulmate and that it was our destiny that made us meet and it’s in our destiny to spend our lives together.

  17. I always used to feel that there’s a part of me that had been missing, and the day I met you, I realized that you were the missing piece. Thank you for making me whole and completing the missing part of my life!
  18. When I first met you, you were so perfect, I couldn’t help myself from falling for you, but now with the passing of time, since I got to know of your imperfections, I have fallen for you even more!
  19. I am never ever going to give up on you. I have been taught throughout my life never to give up on my dreams, and you, baby-girl, are the girl of my dreams.
  20. Baby, I promise to do whatever you would ask me to. I promise to go anywhere with you. I would walk all the way to the devil’s house if you want me to, just please, never ever ask me to walk away from you. I would die rather than taking even a single step in a direction away from yours.
  21. Every morning I send a silent prayer asking God to give all happiness from my share to you. I can never see you feel low due to any reason.

  22. I know you came into my life after quite a while, but trust my sweetheart, you were every second worth the wait!
  23. There’s this excruciating pain that I feel in my chest when the thought comes of the slightest possibility that we might not be together. I can’t bear to live even a moment without you. I sincerely hope that we stick together till the end of our times! It cannot work any other way. I love you so much!
  24. They asked us to name something of unfathomable beauty, and as everyone else sat wondering, I wrote your name!
  25. When I say that I love you, it’s not because I want to hear it back from you. It is because I want to make it clear to you that regardless of situations, I would never leave your side.
  26. Looking back, I sometimes think of the days I was so unaware that we would end up falling so much in love with each other. Who would have thought that we would end up together for so long and the longer it would get, more in love with each other we would be!
  27. I used to think of heaven as a place until I met you. That’s when I realized that heaven is the person you are with. YOU are my heaven! I love you!


Those Eyes…

Oh did we tell you, eyes form an important part in love? Although these days, compliments to eyes are being misused as flirty comments, they do form an integral part in long time love.

  1. You have such beautiful eyes and with such depth, I often tend to lose myself when I look into them.
  2. I still remember the first day I looked deep in your eyes… Oh! How my heart had skipped a beat!
  3. The fact that we’ll end up being together has come to me from these eyes of yours. I see our future in each other’s arms whenever I see in your eyes.
  4. Whenever I look into these beautiful brown eyes of yours, I see our worlds coming together to be one.
  5. Every time I look into these absolutely adorable eyes, I fall in love with you all over again
  6. Among these numerous beautiful things about you, the thing that I like the most is this captivating pair of eyes that you have.
  7. I don’t think I can ever get tired of staring deep into these angelic eyes of yours
  8. Do you wanna listen to the story of that princess with adorable grey eyes who conquered the heart of the entire world?
  9. You have such deep intoxicating eyes. I can stare into them all life-long.

  10. Don’t complain about me staring into these most attractive pair of eyes. I am nowhere at fault.
  11. There are so many things I wish to talk to you about, but one look in these entrancing eyes of yours, and I am lost somewhere deep in them.
  12. They say that through one’s eyes one can see the heart. Did you know that you have the most beautiful heart and eyes?
  13. I love your eyes baby! The way they look at me, they are brighter than the stars out there!
  14. The way your hazel eyes look at me when I have to leave makes it so difficult for me to say goodbye! I wish I could stay with you all day every day and just drown in those eyes.
  15. The way your eyes gleam makes me feel like they are deep ocean with gemstones.
  16. Oh sorry, what were you saying? I got lost in your eyes, again. It’s just that they are so captivating and enchanting.


It is important to show her that you love her. She understands and respects what you do for her and she loves you for that, but when you use words, you make her giggle and blush like a little girl and you make her think about you all day long!

So these were some of the phrases or messages which you can use when next time you want to say something sweet and loving to her. You can send her a morning text from amongst these too, and it will surely brighten her day up! Use these according to the situation and mold them according to your convenience, look deep in her eyes and use words to tell her how much she means to you.


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