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Science of Today, Technology of Tomorrow

In today’s life all are dependent on computer and the technology and plays a boon for the individuals i.e, students, employees, teachers, accountants and many more all need computers.

They help us in performing our tasks effectively and efficiently and also save their valuable time in any type of work: business or office. Computers became an important gadget in many sectors- malls, railways, banks, educational institutions, electricity office, telephone departments, hospitals, media and entertainment industries are some examples.

The advancement and latest technology are growing so fast that the industries also brought different types of inventions, tablets, laptops, mini laptops, smartphones, ultra-mobile pc, pocket pc. The size of PCs became short and it becomes handy to use and carry anywhere you want and utilize it to the fullest.

Everything related to your life can be done in just a few clicks and can be accessed anywhere with the help of a computer. We can’t compare any technology with others because daily evolution is happening, and new technology comes.

Now there is artificial intelligence which includes the self-correction, learning means acquisition of information and rules for using the information and reasoning which include the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions.

Artificial intelligence helps the computers to display human intelligence systems, it helps in solving many challenging problems in computer science. Siri is Apple’s assistant for iOS, macOS, Alexa, Robo-readers, spam filter, plagiarism checkers and watchOS devices that uses voice recognition and is powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

A few of the best quotes that revolve around computer technology are given below.

With the change in technology, the complexities of computers are even increasing every day, which becomes hurdles for the users. To understand computer tricks & get the hidden tips, refer to the best source that can help you to understand this technology in the easiest way.

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