Teddy Day Wishes & amp; messages for Couples (July 2020)

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Teddy bear as the name suggests is a toy in the form of a teddy bear stuffed with cotton giving feelings and emotions of softness and cuteness. Teddy bear day is the festival of European countries but now is also celebrated in India with the same enthusiasm.

Teddy bears the day is one of the cutest day of valentines week where you can gift a teddy to your partner which they can hug anytime they want and experience the wonderfully soft touch.

Teddy bear day is celebrated on 10 February every year and a gift teddy bear to there love, mother, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends and especially children of the family. 

A teddy bear comes in different colors, sizes and is one of the best gifts to give someone. Teddy bears come ready-made but one can also make them on special orders for your loved ones.

Gifting teddy bears to someone also shows a soft heart like the skin of teddy bears. You must select an appropriate color of the teddy bear keeping in mind to whom you are gifting it on a special occasion. 

Various colors of teddy bears available in the market are mentioned below according to there meaning and significance.

1. Blue Teddy Bears

Blue teddy bears show passionate love one has for there partner. Just like the sky which has the same blue color shows depth, truth, loyalty, stability, confidence, and unlimited love. So, gifting somebody blue teddy bears shows the passionate love you have for them and you love them unconditionally.

2. Green Teddy Bears

Green teddy bears are a complete package of emotions. The green color is related to nature and shows growth. So, green teddy bears show that your love and relation of your partner will grow in future years. These green teddy bears are best to gift to someone with whom you have started and build a new relation.

3. Red Teddy Bears

Red teddy bears showcasing complete love as red is itself a valentines color. This color shows that love is in the air and automatically expresses all your feelings and thoughts to your partner you have for them.

4. Black Teddy Bears

Black teddy bears show negativity and rejection. Giving this teddy bear is a soft way of responding to a proposal when you don’t want to accept it and conveying your feelings through a teddy bear.

5. White Teddy Bears

White teddy bears are again a way of rejection. White teddy bears are the way of saying that you are already somebody’s else valentines.

6. Orange Teddy Bears

Orange teddy bears give a signal that you will be expressing your love to them and a proposal is coming there way soon.


7. Pink Teddy Bears

The pink color known as the girl’s color is best to gift someone if you want to give a teddy bear to women or a girl.

8. Purple Teddy Bears

Purple teddy bears are once again teddy bears that show rejection and a message of better luck next time.

9. Yellow Teddy Bears

Yellow teddy bears are also teddy bears which shows negativity and a message of separation and breakups with the partner.

10. Brown Teddy Bears

Brown teddy bears are one of the most gifted teddy bears which are given to the people who have a broken heart and gives a message that the will be always protected.

So this valentines, gift a perfect teddy bear with the perfect color to express your love and feelings you have for them.

Teddy Day Wishes For Your Love

Teddy day is one of the cutest days of Valentine’s week. And this is very essential to make your love feel special and gift them cute teddy bears as them and express your feelings through teddies.

Below mentioned are some of the best teddy bear quotes and wishes which will help you to convey your feelings to love.

1. Here’s a beautiful teddy for my beautiful bae on a beautiful day. Happy teddy day babe!!

2. I know I can’t be with you all the time but I am giving you this so that you can hug him tightly when I am not around. Happy teddy day babe!!

3. Just like how cute and amazing a teddy bear is, it will never be cuter than you babe. Happy teddy day babe!!

4. I give this cute bear to my beautiful cute babe so that my babe. Sleeps peacefully each night. Happy teddy day babe!!!

5. A message of appreciation for my ‘bear’ cute cuddly bear. Happy Teddy Day!

happy-teddy-day6. I want to present to you a lovely teddy, On this special Teddy Day, To show my love and affection to you. Happy Teddy Day!

7. You are constantly in my heart and mind my love. Wishing you a very happy teddy day baby.

8. Giving you a teddy this teddy day cute, soft and perfect as you my princess.
A very happy teddy day!!

9. A cute teddy bear for the cutie of my life. You are very special to me my love. Wishing you a very happy teddy day!

10. Sending you loads of warmth, cutenesses, love, and cuddles with this teddy. Hope you like it. Happy teddy day my baby. I love you so much.


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