10 Best templates: How to Say Thank You for Your Order to Customers (July 2020)

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I feel that the first and foremost things that are taught to every child are manners. And of such common manners is saying thank you to anyone who helped in any kind of manner. This not only shows respect but also strengthens the bonds of relationships.

Saying thank you is not only essential in personal lives but also in professional lives. It shows dignity and respect one has for there customers.

Using “Thank you for your order” in your conversations with your customers helps to improve your customer base and thus gives you a higher chance of success as the ultimate goal of any businessmen is higher sales which can be fetched through customer satisfaction.

Why write “THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER” to your customers?

Just saying that you are ‘thank you for your order’ the appropriate way can enhance your B2C and B2B relationships by showing your clients that your commitment is until the end. In excess to the 10 templates that will very much help you to express your gratitude, these are the few reasons why it is very necessary to incorporate this into your business plan.


This message will let your customers feel that they are important for you and thus will help in establishing a strong emotional bond. While writing, thank you for the order message never to try to boost your sales. Be genuine and respectfully let your customers know that you are happy that you got a chance to serve them and would be grateful if you will be given another chance.

Also, ensure that your customers know that they will be given the same respect and attention which they received the first time even when they come with any quality-related complaints. Speak to them about offers and schemes and coupons they can win and make them feel important.


Below given are a few of the options and ways through which you could easily convey your thank you for your order message to your customers.

How to say thank you for your order to the customers who are connected with you through e-commerce websites.

Nowadays the internet is one of the most common medium that is used by entrepreneurs especially young entrepreneurs. If you are dealing with customers through e-commerce websites and wants to write a “thank you for your order message” then read on the messages provided for you below:-

  • Hi Dear Customer, there is nothing better than to feel that we satisfy our customers. All the hard work, patience, dedication everything gets paid off. Thank you for your order and having faith in us.
  • To thank you, we are gifting you a 20% off coupon on your total order which you can redeem for your next 5 shoppings. Once again thank you for your order and do share your suggestions you have for us so that we can provide our customers with even better goods and services.
  • We are really glad to inform you that you are now part of our family and officially connected to us. Thank you for the order that you placed yours with us. We are really happy that you chose us to serve you.
  • Kindly stay connected with us to grab the attractive deals and offers. If you have any query related to the operation of the product kindly let us know you will be served by our executives in 24 hours.
  • Thank you for your order. We assure you that you will surely like the product and after services provided by us. If you want to know more about our products then you can visit our website and even our stores and can also win exciting deals and offers.


  • You will be informed about all the deals and offers on your registered mobile number through SMS and also through registered e-mails. Stay connected to us. Once again thank you for your order.
  • How to say ‘thank you for your order’ to a customer who is a wholesaler and sell and purchase goods in bulk.
  • If your customer deals in wholesale goods and makes purchases in bulk then you can convey your feelings for “thank you for your order” in the manner provided below:-
  • With all due respect, we would like to thank you for the order that you placed with us and chosen us amongst everybody to provide you with goods and services.
  • We hope that you do not suffer from any problem from our side. And even if you suffer from any problems then remember we are here to solve all your queries 24*7.

Do drop all your queries to the mail provided to you and we will resolve all your queries within 24 hours. Keep shopping with us!!

  • Your purchases and services rendered to you are the only motives for us that we want to achieve. We respect your decision for choosing us as your dealer to provide you with goods and services.
  • If you face any problem related to your order kindly let us know we assure you it will get resolved within 24 hours. Also, we welcome all the suggestions given by you so that we can improve ourselves and provide our customers with much better goods and services. Once again we would like to Thank you for your order.
  • For us, the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers. And its the only thing we first aim for and wants to achieve. I hope this order brings a lot of success in your business.
  • Remember if you need any kind of help or assistance from our side do let us know and you will get served within 24 hours. Also, don’t forget to catch the exciting deals and offers in the next week on our special sale. Lastly, we would like to thank you for your order.


How to say ‘Thank you for your order’ for food delivery services like in cafes, hotels or restaurants.

Nowadays food chains are one of the most growing businesses, especially in cities. To create a stronger customer base and to increase your sales you need to attract customers even after they have placed their orders by sending them heartfelt “Thank you for your order message“. You can take help of the messages provided below:-

  • Thank you for your order. We would like to tell you that we provide food with a healthy twist and we hope that you liked that.
  • We also welcome any suggestions from your side so that we can work on them and make our food even better. Also, we are gifting you with a coupon with a discount code of 35% that you can redeem on your next order. Till the time happy and healthy eating.
  • We believe it is the duty of us to provide the best quality food to our customers. Your food will arrive at your doorstep in another 20-25 minutes. Hope you enjoy your healthy meal.
  • Do try our other exciting and interesting food combos that include our best dishes. Also if you face any difficulty at the time of delivery do let us know at the same point in time. Thank you for your order!
  • How to say ‘thank you for your order’ for a customer who deals with business to business services and goods.


Through your “thank you for your order” message your customers will get to know how much benefit will they gain by choosing you and also will help to establish trust between you and your customers.

  • We would like to thank you for your order. We would like to assure you that you will get the best class services as it’s our day to day tasks to assist our customers according to there needs.
  • For any queries, you can contact us on the number provided or email us at the official email address and you will get served by our executives within 24 hours.
  • Thank you for your order. since now you are part of our family so you will receive all the new offers and information on your registered mobile number along with the registered email.
  • For the guidance of your order placed we are sending you a manual of instructions and other necessary information. For any queries, you can contact us through phone or email and you will get your query resolved within 24 hours.



In conclusion, we would like our readers to understand the essence of “thank you for your order” message for there customers. And how wonderfully it helps to create a nice impression in the minds of customers. And how it helps to boost the sales of the entrepreneur and generate more profits.

Conveying your message of “thank you for your order” to your customers helps you to build up a good image in the mind of customers and also is considered to be a good gesture of respect.

It shows the professionalism behavior you carry and thus helps your business to grow and reach success and create a stronger customer base.


Above mentioned messages provide you with an idea in which you can deliver your messages to your customers and improve your services offered to your customers. Ensure that your customers know how important you are for them and what they mean to you.

The most important thing in a business is to along with fetching new customers ensure that your old customers stick to you and like your services and goods offered to them. This will not only improve your profits but will also keep your customer base strong which is very essential to survive in the market today where there is a large competition in almost every field of job


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