13 Things to Say to Someone Who Loses Their Job [July 2020]

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Losing a job could never be easy information to process through. However, you could definitely help someone overcome this hard time.

We could propose some new ideas and help them out and also support them. Make sure he or she isn’t stressed too much as that can create a brain block and prevent themselves from not only tackling the situation but also from finding any new opportunities.

  • “This is an opportunity to try something different”
    One could try pursuing something different like doing a part-time job and also going for higher studies in parallel, or one could enhance their existing skills which could be an extra point in their CV and can get into better job opportunities.
  • Nothing is permanent”
    Nothing materialistic in this world remains constant.
    It is the same when it comes to Jobs too. We could always try different opportunities to exactly know what we need. Losing a job can be something normal in this generation and almost everyone will have to go through it. Understanding that is one important aspect.


  • “You have earned work experience after-all”
    Most of the companies require candidates who have certain work experiences than a fresher. Work experience can outshine one’s CV in the next interview and has a higher chance of getting recruited.
  • “This world is huge. Better jobs are waiting for you.”
    Such an attitude would certainly change the stress one might be experiencing at the time. The world is so huge that we can find our dream job.
  • “Hardships comes in life, we must Never Give up”
    Losing a job is undoubtedly a stressful experience, but what is life without a hurdle! Just like the saying “Throw me to the wolf and I’ll come leading the pack”, must be the kind of attitude one should keep up every time a bad experience comes in.

Things to say when someone is Fired

Getting fired can be not only frustrating but also an embarrassing moment. However, such a situation can be tackled by emotional and mental support. We must make sure that the victim doesn’t feel hated or guilty even though things might have gone wrong from his side. Choosing to help someone facing such a situation is one of the most important gestures.

  • “To err is human. It’s okay to make mistakes.”
    One can often make mistakes now and then, and to get fired for any such mistake can bring a sense of guiltiness, and often people dwell on it. However, mistakes can happen to everyone. We must learn from our mistakes and grow.
  • “Take this as an opportunity to find a more exciting job”
    Often, people think that getting fired can bring a negative image on oneself, however not for long. Take this opportunity to explore more exciting jobs under better bosses who can understand the importance of making mistakes and letting you grow rather than keeping a spotlight just on the growth of the company alone.
    Such a comment can also be made when someone loses their job or to make someone lose their job in case you find them unhappy in their workplace.
  • “This happens quite often in almost all companies. You should adjust to it”
    When consoling a friend in this situation, it’s important not to blame the person for their job loss, even if it might have been their fault. This comment also works well if you are looking for a feel-good comment and are stumped as to what to say to someone who loses their job.
  • “Don’t make yourself feel guilty”
    Sometimes, it can be your fault, but make sure you do not feel guilty throughout that it tends to make you lose yours in future opportunities. Things can just be fine only if we accept our fault and decide to be a better person.
  • “I can help you find a job”
    This is a sort of emotional support as well as a major help someone can do to help the person who just got fired. Such a comment not only makes the person emotionally stable but also can consider you as a friend in need


  • “Try finding a happy workplace. You were anyways stressed out in here”
    Almost 75% of people often do not enjoy working especially under unfriendly bosses and strict workplaces. If the victim is one such a person, you could talk him into finding a much better workplace where he could be happier than what he was in here.
  • “Start something on your own”
    Losing a job, getting fired or even when someone wants to lose their job, a business or a start-up is a new start over of life where one can be one’s bosses and also can explore many things in life rather than getting caught up in the middle of a four-walled cubicle.
  • “Take a Short break”
    From the very hectic schedule that each one of us goes through, Taking a short term break can not only ease yourself but this can be taken as an opportunity to start planning for the rest of your future.

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