Valentines Day Quotes & Wishes 2020 (July 2020)

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Valentine’s day celebrated on 14 February every year is the day of lovers when couples send each other greetings, gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates, and wishes and express there love and feelings they have for there partners and tell them how special they are.

Before valentines day is the valentines week which comprises of 7 love festivals which are

 1. Rose day – On this rose day, couples give each other roses and express there love with flowers and emotions of love. One can use roses and greeting cards or e-cards to make it more special.

If you want to make it even more special and unique then you can send heart-shaped cakes or chocolates. And do not forget to send a card writing all your feelings and emotions you have for your love.

 2. Propose day – Propose day is the second day of Valentine’s week and falls on February 8 of every year. This day is the most appropriate to express your love and let them know about their secret admirer.

This day is very special for couples and best to create fresh and new memories with each other.

 3. Chocolate day – On this special day, people give chocolates to there love partners or crushes and express there feelings and emotions they have for them.

Today there are numerous chocolates with different and unique shapes like heart, diamond, etc are commonly available in the market.

 4. Teddy day – Teddy bear day is celebrated on 10 February every year and a gift teddy bear to there love, mother, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends and especially children of the family.

A teddy bear comes in different colors, sizes and is one of the best gifts to give someone. Teddy bears come ready-made but one can also make them on special orders for your loved ones.

5. Promise day – After propose day, chocolate day, teddy day its the promised day. If you are someone who has not to express there love emotions to there partner till date then this is the day to cover up for all the missed chances and make all the new and fresh promises on this promise day which you think are the need in your relationship to make it strong and lively.

 6. Hug day – As the name suggests on this day couples hug each other at least once a day and make their bond stronger.

This day is celebrated the kiss day and is one of the best days to express your feelings and thoughts you have for your partner through gestures and not through words.

This day is one of the most celebrated days as it can be celebrated with friends and family and not only with your love partners.

 7. Kiss day – Kiss day is celebrated on 12 February every year in valentines week. Kissing is one of the most special and silent ways to express your love to your crush or your life partner.

Kiss is a genuine and innermost feeling. And one of the best ways to get the romance back in your love life.

Valentine Day Wishes & Quotes

1. Just like how sugar adds sweetness in the tea you have added sweatiness in my life my sugar-pie.

2. I don’t know what other people think heaven is but I know that my heaven is to have you tightly in my arms.

3. Every time you smile at me the time stops and everything becomes amazing.

4. You are like a colorful print to my black and white life.

5. If you could only imagine what infinite means I could exactly tell you how many times I have felt amazing thinking about you

6. There has been no day that I have not thought about you and smiled in myself.

7. I love the fact that I see the cute smile on the morning of my love every day.

8. My days are fine but as soon as you become a part of the day it becomes perfect.

9. I don’t know what my future holds for me but I know that it will be with-holding hands with you.

10. The only reason that keeps me happy early in the morning is that I am going to see you today.


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