How to Respond to Sorry in Any Situation [July 2020]

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It takes maturity to accept your mistakes and apologize for the same. It also takes maturity to accept the apology and forgive the other person.

It is not always easy to forget what the other person said and did. It takes humility to forgive.

Hearing out what the other person has to say in his/her defense could help you to overcome the hurt.

There is always a right and a wrong way to respond to apologies. It is determined by the way the other person apologizes and also the circumstances.

Here, in this article, we will be discussing the best ways to respond to sorry in different situations that you may use the next somebody offers you an apology.

How To Respond To Sorry When Someone Has Said Something Offending To You

It is often said that words are stronger than weapons. Well, it is indeed true. Words can leave scars on one’s mind and heart forever. It is not easy to forget what is being told to you. If somebody has said something to you that offended you, then you can respond to their sorry in the below-mentioned ways.

1. “Oh, it’s okay. I am glad that you realized your mistake. Thank you.”

If you accept the apology of the other person, then you can let them know about it by thanking them. Appreciate them for being mature enough to accept their mistake and apologize for the same.

2. “Even I am sorry. I realized that I was at fault too.”

At times, it is not necessary that only one person is at fault. In a heated argument, people tend to say things meaner than the other.

Also, one may not be having a good day and react extremely at things. You must understand and not overreact. In such cases, it is better to apologize so that there are no hard feelings from either side.

3. “It’s fine. I accept your apology.”

If a person is apologizing many times and you can sense that he/she genuinely feels sorry, then you can respond in this manner. Tell them that their apology is being accepted and you are over it


4. “Forget about it. Even I have forgotten what you said. We are cool.”

This can be of use in case a friend says something hurtful to you in certain circumstances and you know that they didn’t mean it. Tell them that you are already over it so that they can be guilt-free.

5. “It’s okay. I am happy that you apologized. It means a lot.”

This can be useful in cases where you were not expecting an apology from the other person. You can just forgive them and end the topic there itself.

6. “I’ll accept your apology only if you treat me with my favorite pizza.”

This response can be used when a close friend or family member says something offending to you. This will make the atmosphere a little light and funny indicating that everything is normal.


How To Respond To Sorry When Someone Has Done Something Wrong At Your Work/School

Sometimes the words or the actions of the other person can hurt you a lot. The following listed are some of the best ways to respond to sorry when someone from your school or workplace does something hurtful and apologizes later.

1. “It’s okay but make sure that you don’t repeat it.”

This response is apt for a classmate or a co-worker who you are not that close to. In this way, you can show them that you accept their apology gladly and also warn them not to repeat it in the future.


2. “You should be sorry for what you said but I forgive you.”

In this way, you can clearly show how hurt you were and that the other person must be guilty of it. Also, it indicates that you are no longer upset and forgive them.

3.“It’s too late to apologize now since I have already made bookings for you in hell.”

If the person who hurt you was a close school friend or co-worker, then you can use this funny way of accepting their sorry. This response indicates that you are happy that they apologized and your friendship with them is still intact.


4. “Oh, but I have already planned your murder.”

This is another way of responding to sorry in a funny way when a friend or co-worker close to you does something hurtful.

5. “Say sorry only when you mean it, otherwise don’t.”

Many times people say sorry and repeat the same or similar mistake. By responding in an above-said manner, you can tell them that you are not interested in their sorry. All you expect them is to be better and change themselves.


6. “I appreciate the fact that you realized your mistake but one sorry cannot erase what you said. It’s not that easy.”

Often people say mean things during an argument and repent later. But the words have already damaged your equation with that person. In such cases, one sorry cannot make things normal. Thus, by responding in an above-mentioned manner you can warn them to be careful in the future.

7. “I forgive you but just know that I can ever never think of saying the same to you”

When you want to accept the apology but also want to make the other person feel guilty, you can respond in this manner. This also indicates that you are way more mature than them.

How To Respond To Sorry When Someone Misunderstood You

People often tend to misunderstand the intentions or words of the other persons. Such situations can be hurtful. A simple sorry cannot be sufficient to mend such situations.

Then how to respond to sorry in such situations?

Let’s know in the following.

1. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. It happens.”

This response means you understand the other person well and also the fact that misunderstandings do take place. Responding to a sorry in this way can make you both feel better about the situation.

2. “Thanks. Don’t stress. We communicated in time.”

In some cases, you can realize that misunderstandings have started to arise and you both tend to work on your relationship before some major mishap happens. This way you can make the apologizer feel better and assure that all is good between you two.

3. “It happens. I have already forgiven you.”

Saying this you assure the other person that you are not stressing over the situation and you are over it. It will make the apologizer feel good and guilt-free.SORRY-WITHOUT-SINCERITY

4. “Get over it. I have already forgotten what you said.”

This response means that you are not holding any grudges against the apologizer and you are over the fuss.

5. “I understand that misunderstandings happen. Don’t stress.”

You can use this response that you are mature enough to understand that misunderstandings tend to take place and you are not holding any grudges.

How To Respond When Someone Says Sorry Without Sincerity

Often people happen to apologize just for the sake but do not mean it. Their apology tends to lack sincerity. Use the following ways to respond when someone says sorry without sincerity.

1. “Yeah, very well.”

This response involves sarcasm and indicates that the apologizer intended to put on a play by acting sincerely. But by responding in this way, it clearly shows that you can’t be deceived. The apologizer will eventually feel bad.

2. “Okay, I accept your apology.”

At times, it is better to end the argument and just move on, despite knowing that the apology was fake. Stressing over an argument with one who can’t even apologize genuinely is not worthy.

3. “Fine.”

This response clearly shows that you know that the apology was fake. The apologizer will be confused about your reaction. They will keep on wondering whether you bought their lie or not.


4. “I heard you.”

This response is sarcastic which indicates that you heard what the apologizer has to say it but you are not interested in granting them an apology.

5. “For which part are you sorry?”

In cases where you are confused that the apologizer is feeling sorry about which part, then you can ask this question. Based on the response, you can make it out whether the apology was genuine or fake.

6. *Sarcastic Laugh*

When you have figured out that the apology is fake, then you can laugh sarcastically and just walk away, thus letting the apologizer know that you can’t be deceived.



When the other person is apologizing, try to give your complete attention to them and figure out whether they are sincere or not.

Accepting an apology and forgiving a person who has hurt you badly is not easy but there are ways to handle the situation with maturity and humility.

The above listed are the best ways to respond to sorry in different situations that may be of help to you in the future.

In case there are still any doubts or an issue on how to respond to sorry in any situation, please do let us know in the section below.


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