25+ Comebacks When Someone Asks Why Are You Single [July 2020]

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Have you ever been asked why you are single?

If you haven’t been in a relationship for a long time, then there are high chances of people asking you- ‘why are you single’.

Generally, people asking this question will be the ones who are in a happy and loving relationship. These people might be your family or friends who ask you this genuinely out of concern. They want happiness in your life.

Therefore, make sure you answer them in a way that shows that you happy in your space and yet aren’t sounding rude to them. Your reply must convince them being single doesn’t mean that you aren’t happy.

Your reply must not offend the other person, hence it must be witty.

Below listed are 25+ comebacks you can use next time anyone asks you- ‘why are you single’.

When someone your age who is married with kids asks – Why are you single

  • “I haven’t been lucky enough to meet my Mr. Right yet. And I feel there is no point in being a relationship if I doubt its future.
  • “My last relationship made it clear to me the kind of guy I deserve. And if settle for anyone below then it will be disastrous.”
  • “Due to my past experiences, I don’t trust my choices anymore. I have always chosen the wrong guy despite you all warning me. So I feel I need to first work upon myself before getting into another relationship.”
  • “I guess my parent’s divorce had left a great impact on me and that is preventing me to get into any relationship. I need to gather myself and get things right in my head.”
  • “Owing to my commitment issues, the mere thought of settling down with my husband and have kids scares me. I am yet not ready to commit and need some time for that.”
  • “None of my previous relationships worked beyond 6 months and you can’t plan marriage and kids in such a short span. I guess I need to wait a bit more to find my Mr. Perfect”
  • “When I see you happy with your husband and kids, I also want to live the same life. But then thoughts like whether I’ll be able to work it out or not for lifetime cloud my mind.”
  • “When my last boyfriend proposed me to marriage, I don’t know why I behaved so weirdly. I just ended the relationship abruptly. I know I made the wrong move but I am myself unknown of the reason.”
  • “I think I have been in a couple of toxic relationships lately and thus need to clear my head before getting into another one.”

When someone your age who is dating asks – Why are you single

  • “I don’t think I am ready to enter a new relationship when I know that I am yet not completely over my previous one. And that explains why I am single.”
  • “I have realized that I have always taken decisions in haste and thus ended in wrong relationships. Thus, I first need to work on myself before getting into a new relationship.”
  • “Well, I don’t want to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. That doesn’t come naturally to me.”
  • “I am often asked- why are you single, but you see it is not easy to find a good man. Besides most of the good men are already taken.”
  • “I feel that right now I just want to enjoy my company and explore myself. Also, I don’t feel that I am ready to commit to someone, at least not at the moment.”
  • “I am too shy to open up to a person and this clearly explains why I am single.”
  • “I have just ended a relationship wherein my partner tried to change me. I felt suffocated and lost a bit of myself. I need to regain my self-confidence and singlehood will help me do that.”
  • “I am happy being single. I am getting to know so many new people and you never know I get lucky finding my Mr. Right among one of them.”
  • “I feel I am unlucky when it comes to love. Things get messy with time thus I decided to wait for some time before getting into another one.”
  • “I have decided to put my career on the top of my priority list. Love will happen when it has to be anyway.”

When a family member asks – Why are you single

  • “I truly understand that your only motive behind asking me why I am single is to see my happiness. But believe me, I am really happy and I guess I have to wait a little longer before meeting my Mr. Perfect.
  • “I have been very much affected by my last relationship. I need time to gather myself up and become the same happy and carefree soul I used to be once.”
  • You continuously asking me- ‘why are you single?’ kind of pressurizes me. I don’t want to make you sad but pressurizing will only lead me to end up in a wrong relationship. And I am sure that would be the last thing you will want to happen.”
  • Being single is not bad anyway. I get to have so much time to explore myself and work on myself.”
  • “Analysing the record of my relationships, I have realized that the problem is with my approach. So, I need to work upon that first.”
  • “Continuously being asked ‘why are you single?’ makes me feel bad about it. But believe me, I am trying to be in a relationship and finding my Mr./Ms. Right.”
  • “I like the fact that being single I am not accountable for my actions to anyone except for myself. I am enjoying my single life.”
  • “I am glad to be single than being in the past toxic relationship. I am proud of my decision to end that relationship. ”
  • “Being single might appear as lonely to you but believe me it gives me so much more time to work on my career.”
  • “I believe that I am blessed to have friends and family who would always support me no matter what unlike any wrong man/woman would do. So, I am proud of my choices.”


Being asked ‘Why are you single’ is an inevitable situation for all the single people. So, you need to know ways to deal with people in a manner that doesn’t make the situation awkward.

An honest reply stating the reason for you being single is all you require to answer them.

The above stated are 30 best comebacks when someone from your family or friends ask you- ‘why are you single?’.

In case there are still any doubts or an issue dealing with ‘why are you single’ question, please do let us know in the section below.


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